Would You Like An Advance Copy of Heart Wide Open?

Heart Wide Open_HighResHey friends! My next release, Heart Wide Open, will be coming to a bookstore near you on March 18th, 2014 but there is a way to get your hands on a copy earlier than the general public! Come the first of January 2014, I’ll be sending out a select number of ARCs (unedited Advance Review Copies) of Heart Wide Open to readers willing to act as an “influencers.” What would an influencer be expected to do? I was so hoping you’d ask. *grin*

In exchange for receiving a free advanced copy of Heart Wide Open, I would ask you to comply with the following simple requests:

1. Post a review of Heart Wide Open on Amazon and share the URL. Reviews will get the book moved up and before the eyes of other Amazon readers. (If you have never posted a review to Amazon, it is actually very easy to do and their instructions are user friendly.)

2. Share your thoughts on Heart Wide Open via your social media outlets—Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc.

3. As the launch of Heart Wide Open nears, and once it hits the shelves, I will be sharing small quotes from the book on my social media outlets and picture quotes on Instagram. When you notice them in your feed, please consider retweeting the quote or sharing it on your walls.

That’s it! Do know I won’t be following up on you and critiquing your review or level of participation. This is a good faith program! If you’re interested in being an “influencer” for Heart Wide Open, please comment below and email me your name and mailing address: tomtom@allthingssouthern.com. Many, many thanks and Merry Christmas!

Hugs, Shellie

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  1. says

    I am a long-time reader of SouthernBelleView and an aspiring writer. I would love an opportunity to review and help promote Heart Wide Open. It sounds like just the sort of book I need to read right now!

  2. Melanie Backus says

    Shellie, I am thrilled for you and Heart Wide Open. I would love to do anything I could to get the word out on what I already know is a great book. I love coming to the porch for “visits.” Thank you for what you do! Smiles to ya! Mel

  3. Lisa Wingate says

    These influencers are in for a treat! It is a wonderful book, filled with Shellie’s talent, heart, and wit. Enjoy!!

  4. Linda Harris says

    I would love to read your book and be an influencer. I have done this for a number of authors. Have a wonderful holiday season. E-mail on its way.

  5. Susan Wilson says

    I’m not so great with words, but I’d really like to have a chance to read and review your book! I will promote the heck out of it, too!

    Happy Holidays :)

  6. Kim Brady says

    I would be a new reader for your books. I LOVE Christian fiction & usually 1-2 books per week. I am also a member of my church’s book club. We are always looking for new authors to read. I would love a copy & am happy to post review & get the word out through tweets, Facebook & word of mouth. Thank you for offering this.

  7. Shellie says

    Oh, happy tears! You are all making me cry happy tears. Phone typing from a pit stop on the road so do excuse typos and THANK YOU all! I have plenty arcs to fill these requests (and more if anyone else is wanting to chime in!)

  8. Robin Estes says

    I am a huge fan of Lisa Wingate and have ready each of her novels. I work in a public library and almost daily recommend her books to my patrons. I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy of The Prayer Box and I gladly posted reviews on Amazon and facebook. I would love to read this new book early!!

  9. Katrina says

    Would love to be an influencer. It is always so much fun promoting great books. If I find a quote I love from a book, I always share. Thanks for your consideration.
    Merry Christmas

  10. Julie says

    Shellie, I know how excited you are to see this wonderful project fly from its nest. I guarantee y’all won’t be disappointed. I’ve endorsed this book and really enjoyed reading Shellie’s emotional journey toward a deep, intimate faith. Hope this book finds its way to the right readers at just the right time in their lives. Hugs! julie

  11. says

    I would love an advance copy and would be happy to comply with rules.
    Bonnie mullens, Managing Editor
    The McGregor Mirror
    McGregor, Texas
    And charter member
    McGregor Tiara Literary Society

  12. Debbie Pelton says

    I love reading good books and would love a chance to get an advanced copy of Heart Wide Open. I would be happy to comply with the rules.

  13. Kaylee Heninger says

    What an amazing opportunity! I would love to be an influencer! Ha ha, love the job title! (Aren’t we all influencers every day? Love the idea of influencing with a definitive purpose!) I shall send an email! :)

  14. Colleen Richardson says

    I am a longtime fan of Lisa Wingate so anything that she endorses sounds wonderful to me. I would love a chance to read your book and be an influencer. I would really enjoy reading a book about faith. Our faith is always being tested and I think this would be a good read for that. Thank you for an opportunity.

  15. says

    Hello to all of you wonderful influencers! I’m sorry I haven’t responded to everyone. I’ve been speaking at a retreat in Hawkins, TX this weekend. It was WONDERFUL. That said, a dear woman did give my laptop a HUGE cup of coffee accidentally– yep, she did. Spilled a whole cup of coffee on the thing– and it was turned upside down at the time so the coffee went straight into what my folks would’ve called “the innards”. It’s dead as a doornail and I’m sharing the husband’s now and praying that my computer guy will be able to save my hardrive tomorrow. All that said, I’ll be in touch soon and THANKS again. Y’all are a tremendous blessing. :)

  16. Karen Hutchinson says

    I would love to receive an advance readers copy of your new book and would be glad to comply with your requirements for reviewing! I am a church librarian and always enjoy learning about new authors!

  17. Kathleen Smith says

    I would love to receive a copy of “Heart Wide Open”. I would delight in being able to read and review it…Thank You

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