What I Love About Southern Weddings

This week in honor of our own Rachel Hauck’s new book The Wedding Dress we’re sharing stories of southern weddings. As I thought about what I wanted to share, a montage of images began playing in my head– a mental slide show of what a southern wedding brings to mind. (This is indicative of how much time I am spending on Pinterest lately.)

And so I thought that today, instead of sharing a story, I will share my montage of thoughts.

When I think of southern weddings, I think of…

Traditions (Check out this post featuring the “first look” photos. I dare you not to get a little teary.)

Flowers (Magnolias, Camellias, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Tulips, Freesia. Lavender)

Stationary (Placecards and Save The Date announcements and Fancy Invitations and Monogrammed Thank You Notes– because nothing says “southern” like a monogram)

Wedding Cake (And the alternatives: a buffet of pies or a tower of cupcakes)

First Dances (I’m a sucker for a first dance to an old classic a la Frank Sinatra or Johnny Mathis or Ella Fitzgerald)

Flower Girls (Nothing cuter than a little girl all decked out in white lace clutching flowers, her eye on the woman she wants to be just like someday)

Outdoor weddings (seaside, lakeside, farm, mountain, in a backyard, under a tree)

Centerpieces (floral or themed, rustic or elegant, shabby or chic, or a mix of both)

And of course, THE DRESS! And if you’re crazy about wedding dresses, be sure to check out Rachel’s new book:

One dress. Four women. An amazing destiny.

Charlotte Malone is getting married. Yet all is not settled in the heart of Birmingham’s chic bridal boutique owner. Charlotte can dress any bride to perfection-except herself. When she discovers a vintage mint-condition wedding gown in a battered old trunk, Charlotte embarks on a passionate journey to discover the women who wore the gown before her.

Emily in 1912. Mary in 1939. And Hillary in 1968. Each woman teaches Charlotte something about love in her own unique way. Woven within the threads of the beautiful hundred-year-old gown is the truth about Charlotte’s heritage, the power of faith, and the beauty of finding true love.

Five Book Giveaway!

This week, to celebrate the Belle premier of The Wedding Dress, we’ll be giving away five copies of The Wedding Dress — one each day! To enter, simply leave a comment, answering the question of the day.

Question of the Day: What do you think of when you think of southern weddings??

Winners will be announced on SouthernBelleView next Sunday. If you’d like an email notifying you if you win, please leave an email address in your comment. Good luck! You’ll love The Wedding Dress!

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  1. Sandy Nawrot says

    A Southern wedding comes with its own ambiance! Definitely when I think of it, I automatically think of an event outside. Where there is lush green flora and a hundred sweet smells of flowers. Lots of white lace. I can't wait to read Rachel's book!

  2. bermudaonion says

    Most of the weddings I've been to have been in the South so it's hard for me to know what stands out about them, but when I think of fall Southern weddings, I think of checking football schedules to make sure there's no conflict. lol

  3. Sharon says

    Southern weddings are wonderful, for sure. I remember those monogrammed thank you notes. I think the box lasted me about 15 years and I always felt so special using them. And where else would you see such wonderful flowers, often brought in large quantities by the ladies from their own gardens. I love the tradition of others helping with food, flowers, centerpieces, lending a punch bowl, etc. One wedding cake knife I know of has probably seen 50 weddings.

  4. kennady says

    It is a nice information to share about the southern weddings information and pictures. This information is useful by the engaged people. My close had his beach wedding. She was struggling to find here wedding dress. At last found her wedding dresses in Las Vegas and she told me at her wedding ceremony.

  5. karenk says

    a wonderful posting…for 'southern weddings' i picture an outdoor wedding w/ all of the attendants wearing off-white.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  6. Lisa Wingate says

    Southern weddings always make me think of tables on the lawn and cut magnolia blossoms for centerpieces… oh and lemonade punch and good conversation ;o)

  7. amy says

    Southern weddings make me think of outdoors, trees, flowers, men in in khaki pants with suspenders (techically stirrups), simplicity, traditions…..and don't laugh at this one….mason jars! Can't help it I always think of mason jars.

  8. Chris P. says

    I have never been to a southern wedding…gasp…but I do have a friend that is a wedding photographer in Austin TX (http://www.alysefrenchphotography.com/#/home/)and so when I think of southern weddings I think of those photos. Sunny skies, attention to detail and love. She is also a big fan of the first look – which I have to admit I didn't like at first but it is growing on me!

    Can't wait to read Rachel's book! (here's my email: clpotash@gmail.com)

  9. Anonymous says

    When I think of Southern weddings, I think of gorgeous dresses, bright sunshine, family and friends all around, tradition, and yummy food at the reception. The Wedding Dress looks like a great read. I'd love to win it. Mary Lou fourfoxes@verizon.net

  10. Lisa Bolling says

    There is nothing quite as romantic as a Southern wedding. A soft breeze, sunshine through the trees, pretty lace tablecloths, flowers, and a beautiful bride seeming to flow along as she makes her way down the aisle.
    Sigh!! So beautiful!!!

  11. Jackie S. says

    Well, being from the South…I thought all weddings were southern!! Oops, guess mine wasn't though…..got married in NYC on a daily TV show (long ago)….
    called Bride & Groom.


  12. PatriciaW says

    I've not been to any fancy Southern weddings. The ones that I've gone to were nice enough, but definitely not fancy-smancy.

    In fact, I'm often told how fancy New York/East Coast weddings are because of the sit-down dinner expectation, the late hour of the day (rarely before 4pm), most typically a Saturday evening (any other day of the week raises eyebrows), and so on.

  13. Kirsti says

    Even though my family is from the south and I have many 'real life' examples to choose from, I automatically think of a red velvet armadillo groom's cake. Maybe that's because I just watched Steel Magnolias not too long ago.

  14. SusannahC says

    The first thing that comes to mind about Southern weddings is the flowers, which are generally much more abundant than at weddings in other parts of the country. The second thing that comes to mind is lace.

  15. Andrea says

    Nothing says "southern" like a white dress: wedding dress, Easter dress, tea party dress, Sunday dress . . . and white eyelet on a little girl . . . nothing like it. China patterns are also such a fun part of southern weddings. My great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother all chose the same china pattern. Needless to say, I didn't bother with china. I inherited it all. When an exciting VIP comes to town, we're definitely set. 😉

  16. Kate says

    Southern weddings make me think of a little church and cake and punch. Just a simple ceremony and reception in the church hall, nothing fancy.

  17. Anonymous says

    I am from the north… but have been to a few southern weddings. I love the fact that they have a groom's cake… I love that people really dress to the nines… I love that tradition matters there… I remember the "wartime weddings" of Gone With the Wind and wish I lived in a more gallant time. I have often thought of being a wedding planner and when I browse the wedding magazines the weddings I like the most are always in the south… in a garden… on a beach… in a beautiful church or a big house or handsome hotel… and I have seen the bride ride away by horse and carriage. I love it. I would love to read the book. I just love the elegance of the South.

  18. Virginia says

    love southern weddings…in old churches… have you see the Brooches for Brooch Bouquet? a little different and heavy looking, maybe a special brooch among the flowers?

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