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Lisa-Wingate-porchpicthumb65-1Happy Monday, everyone! Writer-pal and all around fun girl, Dani Pettrey, has stopped by for a little sweet tea and conversation today. I’m fascinated by the way other writing minds work and when I read a good story, I’m always filled with the same questions people ask me when I’m out and about talking about books. Where did the story come from?  What inspired it? How did it take shape? Did the writer know the ending when the story began?

I thought it might be fun to have that conversation here on BelleView.

Lisa: For me, stories begin with a story spark that ignites a what if. Wildwood Creek began spinning itself in my head after a chance encounter with a roadside monument. I’d tell you about the monument, but… well… that would spoil the story. Around the same time, a widespread drought caused long-buried ghost towns to rise from area lakes. Those two things combined to form the story of a century-old mystery involving a frontier town in which the citizenry suddenly vanished. As Allie Kirkland accepts a position among the cast of a present-day docudrama set to reenact the last days of Wildwood, a summer drought is closing in and the secrets of Wildwood are about to rise to the surface. Dani, what was your story spark for Stranded?

Dani: Like you, my stories typically begin with a what if spark. That spark can come from anywhere—a news article, something I saw on TV, my  imagination, even a photograph. For Stranded, that spark came as a combination of a personal experience and something I saw in the news, much like your idea for Wildwood Creek. The personal experience was a Mediterranean cruise my family took several years ago. It was a seven day cruise and we spent time getting to know a couple members of the cruise staff that we interacted with on a daily basis. Chatting with them and letting my imagination run wild, an idea began to form in my mind. After returning home, I saw a documentary about a woman who had vanished off a cruise ship and Darcy’s story came to life. Unfortunately for Darcy, that involved the disappearance of her dear friend and the beginning of a dark mystery aboard Destiny Cruise Lines.


Lisa: I think, for me, the biggest challenge in finding a balance between writing life and personal life is time management.  It’s hard to balance personal responsibilities, business needs, promotional needs, and writing.  There are days when the email stack-up is overwhelming… and if I’m being totally honest *sigh* I love social media way too much. I can become wa-a-ay too distracted by it.  Some days I balance all of this more effectively than others.  Mostly, I set a word-count quota for myself and I force myself to stick to it.  Dani, you’ve been very prolific in the last few years, what’s your biggest challenge in finding balance?

Dani: Me? Prolific? Ha! I feel like a snail of a writer. It takes me at least eight months to write a book, and I actually prefer longer. As far as balance….to be honest, my life is more  massive writing frenzy periods of intense panic until my deadlines are met.  I have a magnet on my fridge that says NOW PANIC and FREAK OUT with the crown upside down. It’s a joke around here. No matter how I plan things out, I always end up in a creative push at the end, and, you should see my house afterwards. We’re not talking dusty bunnies. Oh no,we’ve got lions :) I do think my biggest challenge is the same as yours and most writers today—time management. Lives are so busy these days and writers are responsible for so much besides actually writing a novel—there’s marketing, business, traveling, etc. Balancing the creative part with the business part is my biggest difficulty. I’m still fairly new to the publishing world so I’m still trying to figure out that balance. Throw in life as well—homeschooling, being a wife, mom and now grandmother—it’s definitely a juggling act. I thank God He manages to get me through somehow. Thankfully I love writing because it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.


Lisa: Probably the most beneficial thing I ever learned about the craft of writing came completely by accident. I stumbled into the wrong room at a conference ten years ago or so, and ended up in a class about Three Act Story Structure, as it applies to screenwriting. I had already wandered my way through the writing of my first few novels for Penguin by then. I’m still a very organic sort of writer.  I don’t “plan” my stories ahead of time, but learning Three Act Structure helped to gel so many things that I knew from reading, hearing, and watching stories all my life. Dani, what’s the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?

Dani: I’ve been blessed with an amazing mentor. She’s given me a plethora of fantastic advice, it’s hard to pick just one, so I’ll go with two :) First, while I was unpublished, she told me to enjoy writing in obscurity. At the time, of course, I was anxious to be published, but she told me to enjoy the process itself because some day there’d be so much more involved and she was right. Now that I’m published there are deadlines, reviews, marketing, etc. I love being published, but I do occasionally miss the days when there was zero pressure. It was just me and God and the story. For pre-published authors out there, enjoy the process. Enjoy the obscurity and the love of story. Secondly, write the best story you can. Don’t compare yourself to other authors and their journeys. You’re unique and only you can tell the story God has nudged in your heart.

Lisa: People often ask me where I do my writing. For years I did my writing on laptop computer, but through a series of happenstances and trial and error, I have discovered the magic of dictation. For the last couple years, I’ve been doing much of my writing via dictation on iPhone or iPad.  This can look and sound fairly insane, but it has been a wonderful productivity tool for me, and very freeing in the creative sense. It allows me to put on a headset and write literally anywhere.  Sometimes I’ll wander to the back pasture for a walk, or spend some time in the exercise room and dictate parts of the story while I’m there… usually with my little literary dog curled up nearby.  A change of scenery or physical activity is often exactly what I need to get the words flowing. Dani, where are you most productive?

Dani: I’m most productive on my office couch. I curl up in front of the sunroom windows with a notebook, pen, my Labrador and a good cup of coffee. Coffee is a must! I’ve also found I’m most productive writing longhand. There’s something freeing and creative in the process for me. Sit me in front of a blank computer screen and I freeze.


Dani, thanks for hanging out with us on the porch!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve enjoyed the conversation! If you’d like to learn more about Dani and her books, visit her at http://www.danipettrey.com/


To celebrate Dani’s visit, we’re having a giveaway. One lucky winner will receive autographed copies of Stranded and Wildwood Creek!  To enter, leave a comment at the bottom of this post, answering the question of the day. The contest ends Friday, and we’ll announce the winner on Saturday.  If you’d like us to contact you (if you win) leave an email address in your comment.

Question of the day: Do you remember a favorite reading moment?  Tell us about it!


The Prayer Box — Selected as One of Booklist’s Top Ten of 2013!



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Selected among BOOKLIST'S Top 10 of 2012 and Top 10 of 2013, Lisa Wingate weaves Southern settings with elements of women's fiction, history, and mystery to create stories that Publisher's Weekly calls "Masterful" and Library Journal refers to as "Lyrical and beautiful." She is a seven-time Carol Award nominee, and a two-time Carol Award winner. She once dreamed of making the Olympics and winning the National Finals Rodeo, but was thwarted by an inability to do a back flip on the balance beam and parents who wouldn't finance a rodeo career, so she took her first-grade teacher's advice and became a writer instead ;)

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  1. says

    Welcome to the porch, Dani! I’m so glad Lisa gave us a chance to know you better. I’ve been admiring the photos of your new grandbaby on Facebook. My own grandbaby (the second….a girl this time) is due the week before my next book launch…yikes! And Lisa, my friend, you really need one. Nothing like it, my friend!

  2. Cathy McQueen says

    Good morning – enjoyed your chat. While I am def not a writer… I AM a reader and appreciate you writers especially when faith and inspiration are interwoven in your books. I constantly jot down notes and favorite parts of books to savor later so I can’t pick one favorite moment but a recent favorite was “maybe grace was all around me, bubbling through, passing under my feet, and I’d never tried to see.” That really spoke to me! Lisa, The Prayer Box is your best yet!

    • says

      So glad you enjoyed the chat. Thanks so much for stopping by, Cathy. I agree, The Prayer Box was Lisa’s best yet. Wildwood Creek is next up on my reading list. Can’t wait to dive in. Looks like a fabulous story too.

    • Lisa Wingate says

      OH, bless you, Cathy. You can’t imagine what that means. You’ve literally made my day. I’m proud that The Prayer Box was one of your favorite reading moments.

  3. says

    Loved this interview, ladies! The juggling real life and writing life portion especially resonated with me. Thank you for taking the time to write everything so clearly for us. As for my favorite reading moment, I would have to say it was when I finished the Anne of Green Gables series. Anne’s son, Walter (the perfect blend of her and Gilbert), dies, and I just wept and wept. I cried so much I had to go tell my parents about this great loss. They thought it was pretty hilarious; I suppose I was very invested in the characters, even at 9-10 years old. 😉

    • says

      So glad you enjoyed the interview, Jolina. Thanks so much for taking time to stop by. Yes, that was a very traumatic story loss. I felt the same way about Beth’s death in Little Women. Amazing how characters become so real to us and tug at our heartstrings.

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Jolina, why do I not find this hard to believe that your sweet self would have wept and wept over the death of Walter. I love that favorite reading moment.

      My counterpart to that would have been when Old Dan and Little Anne died in Where the Red Fern grows. I remember being sad and giving our dog copious appreciation after that.

  4. Kathryn says

    A favorite reading moment…There are so many! But I think I’d have to say one vacation, curled up next to my husband in the hotel, enjoying the rare time of quiet and peacefulness with no chores or children.

  5. Katrina says

    I love hearing about an author’s writing process. A wonderful interview. Thank you for sharing. I love both of your books.

  6. Beth Gillihan says

    My favorite reading moment is when my kids are at school and hubby is at work. I have a cup of tea and sit on the couch or my bed and enjoy the story! Thanks for the chance to win! My e-mail is rbgillihan@gmail.com

  7. says

    Good morning Lisa and Dani!

    My favorite reading moment is a treasured memory from my early teens. I would climb the weeping willow tree in our back yard with a book and a pillow. Once I reached the perfect limb I would sit and read until my legs were numb. Climbing down was always a very scary adventure.

  8. Shannon S. says

    My favorite reading moment is a vacation our family took as a teen and I ended up reading every spare moment we had. My family still teases me today about spending vacations reading. I can’t help it! I LOVE to read!!! skstockton2@hotmail.com

  9. says

    Welcome to our porch, Danni! This was a lovely conversation between you two word women. Enjoyed it immensely and your fridge magnet nailed me, “Now freak out and panic.” TOO FUNNY. :)

    Blessings, y’all~

  10. Lena Friesen says

    My favorite reading moments are any time I get a chance to read! But especially when my boys are napping or after the kids’ bedtime :)

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Ahhh… back in the day nap time was my writing time. When a kid was in the crib, I hit the computer. there was no need for self discipline. i knew my time was limited!

  11. amber maddox says

    I would have to say my favorite reading moment is when I fell in love with reading. My 6th grade teacher wanted me to read Little Women and somewhere in the book I just fell in love with that little family and from then on I’ve not been able to put books down! Give me a good book and a blanket and I’m good! =-)

    • says

      That was one of my favorites too! Yes, a cuddly blanket is an awesome reading companion. I always curl up with a blanket and a good cup of coffee–unless it’s summer, of course, then I’m out on the porch with a tall glass of ice tea :)

    • Lisa Wingate says

      God bless teachers. Without them, so many kids would miss out on the joy of a good story. Some of my favorite reading moments were when teachers read to us each day.

  12. Katie says

    Thank you for this post. A favorite reading moment for me actually came recently in discovering your books, Dani :) and along with the Alaskan Courage series, Dee Henderson’s O’Malley series (you mentioned being inspired by her). Anyway, I absolutely love both of those series! And it is a favorite reading moment for me because A) I really love your books and B) it really brought back for me how much I loved reading Nancy Drew books (and the Hardy Boys etc.) when I was growing up :) And Lisa, I have not read any of your books, but I look forward to checking out your work :)

    • says

      Awww, Katie. You’re so sweet, and you just made my day :) Thrilled you’re enjoying Dee’s and my series. The O’Malley series is one of my all time favorites.

      Loved Nancy Drew books growing up, and watching Scooby Doo.

      You’ll love Lisa’s books. She’s a great storyteller.

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Oh how fun! And might I say you have excellent choice in reading material, obviously. The only problem with Dani’s books is that you need to make sure you don’t have anything else on your schedule when you pick one up!

  13. Shelley Kirkpatrick says

    One of my favorite books is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I’ve read it several times. One day it just dawned on me that it really happened… that the book was fiction but the story of Hosea was not and that even deeper, Hosea’s story is a picture of God’s love for me. I was amazed at God’s love for me when I continue to sin!

    • Lisa Wingate says

      You’ve so beautifully encapsulated the power of a book to show us the ways in which God seeks after us even when we’re not seeking after him.

      And Redeeming Love is a read I’ve also enjoyed many times.

  14. Julie Cantrell says

    Welcome, Dani! It’s such a treat to have you with us on our little cyberporch today, and I enjoyed hearing all about your own adventures with writing. I’m glad I’m not the only one who prefers to write “on the couch.” My family is not happy I’ve claimed this cozy little corner as my winter office, but I have to wrap up under a blanket or I’m numb from the cold. What a brutal winter it has been… brrr!

    My favorite reading moment? Hmmm… maybe I’ll go all the way back to childhood when I read To Kill a Mockingbird b/c that’s what inspired me all these years later to write Into the Free.

    I also love to read a book that wrecks me emotionally — a good cry. The last book that brought me to sobs was Jesmyn Ward’s biography, Men We Reaped (not a gentle read, be warned!)

    Have a wonderful week and swing by to visit anytime.

    • says

      Hi Julie,

      Thanks so much for the warm welcome. Loving being here. Such a fun place to hang out.

      I love those kind of books too, but have to space them out for my hubby’s sanity 😉
      One of my favorites that just tore into my heart was Crossing Oceans by Gina Holmes. What a powerful tale!

    • Lisa Wingate says

      I love any book that makes me feel and understand the life of another person. Books are out one chance to step into someone else’s shoes, and when we’ve done that, I think we’re kinder to people in life.

  15. Bonnie Roof says

    Hi, Dani and Lisa!!

    Loved the interview and finding out about each of your writing habits!! Can’t recall a favorite reading moment right now – I’m now retired, and they’re ALL wonderful now!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win copies of “Wildwood Creek” and “Stranded”!!


  16. Bettie says

    Not sure exactly what you mean by favorite reading moment. So many books have impacted me, including the Prayer Box. But I would have to say the first book to really make an impact was Les Misarables. I read that so very many years ago and yet it still gets to me today.

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Hi Bettie,

      A teacher forced me to read Les Mis, and of course, as often happens, I was so caught up in it, I finished way before the assignment was due. Any yes, I still think about that story and that teacher 😉

  17. says

    Hi, Lisa and Dani!

    I loved this delightful interview that you shared! It is always fascinating to learn more about an author’s writing process. You are both amazing talents and I thank you for sharing your stories!

    I have enjoyed so many wonderful reading moments and it is hard to choose a favorite. I still remember the excitement that I felt going to the library as a child. For me, there was no better place to read than between the stacks at the local library. I loved being surrounded by books and getting lost in their pages. I still do! :)

    Thank you so much for this fantastic giveaway opportunity!

    texaggs2000 at gmail dot com

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Awww… Britney, I can picture you curled up between the library stacks as a child. No better place to be than surrounded by endless rows of books!

  18. says

    Last fall I discovered Lisa Wingate and the Southern Belle View website. I have spent the winter ‘devouring’ Lisa’s books and have begun journeying through Denise’s and some of the other Southern Belle authors books as well. I am so grateful for all of you ladies, the website and appreciate all you are doing to help us novices on the beginning of our journey. Out of respect for my ‘family member’, I will not give specifics, however, one of my favorite reading moments occurred through an epiphany and breakthrough I experienced while reading Lisa’s Tending Roses Series. Certain personality traits of a ‘family member’ have negatively affected my entire life. I forgave the person many years ago and have continued to walk in forgiveness, in-spite of continued mistreatment. My misdirected belief was that my total approval of the family member was a yes or no issue, with no gray in between; dependent upon the individual’s complete change of heart and their no longer being cruel. My ah-ha moment hit while reading this series. I accepted that there won’t be a major turn around in the person, that much of what elicited the cruel treatment remains in the person’s character, that it wasn’t my fault and that the person will never be the ‘family member’ that they should have been, but I could and did choose to accept the tidbits of love and kindness when available but to maintain the boundaries which I had to establish. There may never be a turning point with repentance or a change of heart by the perpetrator. Like some of the series characters, I realized that I can walk through life trying waiting for the ‘family member’ to wake up and change or accept that this was the ‘family member’ who was dealt to me in life, choose to accept what is, stop trying to find that storybook, perfect ‘family’ relationship and move forward. My favorite reading moment was powerful, healing and life altering. Now I’m attempting to pay it forward. Thank you Lisa and the Southern Belle authors.

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Oh Abigail, what a beautiful, amazing reading moment. I read your note with tears in my eyes. That Tending Roses and my grandmother’s stories helped to plant the seeds of this change fills me with joy and humbles me. God uses others to change us and sometimes those others are fictional, or partially fictional in the case of Grandma Rose. All lives have lessons to teach, and you’ve shared one with me today.

      Thank you for blessing my heart today. As you continue on your journey, I believe God will use your story in mighty ways.

  19. Lydia Miller says

    Enjoyed the interviews. Any time I read a good book is a favorite reading moment for me :) pumpkinbabyjane(at)gmail(dot)com

  20. Anita Smith says

    When my two children were small, I realized my days of endless reading were on hold. This was a rude awakening to me. But one day, when my daughter was 4 and my son was 2, we were at the public library signing up for the children’s summer reading contest and I realized I could start getting excited about reading “my books” again! I got an adult reading program contest entry and got down to business. Sometimes it is just a small thing that can make your life so much more enjoyable!

    • says


      That is so true. Glad you’re enjoying the adult reading program. We’ve always signed up for them. Loved taking my girls there every summer to start the program. It’s the beginning of a grand adventure in many ways :)

    • Lisa Wingate says

      This sounds a bit like my writing life. There were years when I didn’t write at all, and then the babies grew a bit and life took on a routine, and I thought, I can do this again now! A time to each purpose 😉

  21. Melanie Backus says

    Lisa and Dani…….what a pair of talented girls! For me, precious moments of reading occurred when my young ones were on my lap listening to wonderful stories with colorful pages. I get to relive those moments now with my grands. What special times and what precious love I am blessed to receive.

    • Anonymous says

      What treasured memories! My grandson isn’t quite a month and I’m already enjoying reading to him :)

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Hi Melanie!

      My precious times were reading with my little ones, as well. I look forward to this time with grands someday!

  22. says

    Several years ago when we were building our northern WIsconsin cabin, my husband and I went up there between Christmas and New Years. Having no plowed road to the cabin we had to snowshoe in, pulling our supplies in a sled. The lake was frozen, the woods covered with snow, and the temperature dipped quite low. No tv, no computer.
    With a roaring fire in the wood burner, my husband and I took turns reading Jack London’s Alaskan short stories. TO BUILD A FIRE never had such an impact!
    The whole trip had quite a romantic feel, but I can say that this winter I’ve had enough cold temperatures and snow without taking a drive up north!

    thanks for a chance to win the books.

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Wow! This sounds like such a fantastic memory. What a peaceful time. One of my favorite family vacations was in a cabin with no internet and TV. Peace and many, many board games. Such a time to remember!

  23. Patty says

    Thanks for sharing ladies! I don’t think I’ve actually read any of either of your books. but I know that I have a copy of one of Dani’s books in my TBR stack. I haven’t made it to it yet, but I know I loaned it to my sister and she loved it!

    A favorite reading moment… interesting question. I love reading on vacation. I always take more books with me than I actually make it through but I sure enjoy trying=)

  24. Susan says

    Thinking back through my memories & I have to say while growing up I was very shy, until I got to know you better. My head was always in a book! I loved to read & feel as though I truly knew each character in my books. I would even walk the halls in school with my face in a book as I was going from class to class. Love those days & I’m still reading to this day & we raised our children to love the gift of a good book!

    • Lisa Wingate says

      I was the youngest kid in the family, so I can relate to sometimes hanging out with my “book friends when there wasn’t anyone around to play with 😉

  25. Samantha T says

    A favorite reading moment of mine would be on vacations to Pigeon forge, TN sitting out on a balcony at a hotel facing the mountains in the morning reading a good book! Now I still like to go out on a pretty morning or day and read outside enjoying a good book and the nature around me.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Emma says

    Great interview.walking into book store with my sister and looking at all the wonderful books. Thanks for the opportunity to win autographed copies of Stranded and Wildwood Creek! augustlily06(at)aim(dot)com.Have a wonderful week.

  27. Judy welbaum says

    I love to read before going to sleep…..when I wake up I am thinking of the characters I read about!

    • Lisa Wingate says

      I do this sometimes, too. And then sometimes I wake up with a completely new story I have “dreamed.” I’ve met many of my favorite imaginary friends that way!

  28. Jackie Tessnair says

    My favorite reading moment is anytime I have a book in my hand.I love reading and I feel like I am right there in the book observing everything.Thanks for the chatting.My most favorable moment will be when I finish reading the Bible all the way through.

  29. Pamela Hargraves says

    I loved this interview. I guess one of my favorite reading moments was when I was about 11years old and reading my way through Nancy Drew. I would be at my grandmothers in my mom’s old room and I would curl up in the same chair that she used when she read the same Nancy Drew mysteries that I was reading.

    Now anytime I can sneak away and lose myself in a book is a favorite reading moment I still love to read and know that my mother and grandmother instilled the love of reading into me.

  30. Mackenzie Harting says

    A favorite reading moment is being so engrossed in my book that I get started when people come up to talk to me. I’ve jumped out of my skin before lol.

  31. Kris says

    Oh, my goodness – what a question! I love reading! I can’t imagine a day without reading! And those two books look like the books I really love reading! I love reading on the beach – and on snowy days with a cup of tea. As a child I sometimes hid in a closet so I could read. I loved nursing my babies because then I was supposed to be sitting and had a valid excuse for reading all the time! I love visiting my Mom because then she, my daughter and I will sit for long periods together, each reading a book. Sorry, I really can’t think of a favorite reading “moment”!

  32. says

    Lisa and Dani – thanks for the great blog post today. Don’t you ever wonder what makes a writers mind come up with such wild answers to what if?

    A recent favorite writing moment was when Brandilyn Collins totally surprised me with her bad guy.

    • Lisa Wingate says

      I do sometimes wonder how writers minds work. What if can lead to all kinds of things. I does make parenting interesting, though!

    • says

      It’s always fun learning how writers do things differently and unique to them. I’m always fascinated by the different processes.

    • Lisa Wingate says

      I always like to tell people there is no “wrong” way. Whatever works for you is the way to go, just get the words on a page somehow… any page… any way!

  33. Annette Davidson says

    My favorite moment in reading was definitely while reading The Prayer Box i was going through a horrible time in my life and desperately needed a way to relax and clear my mind and prevent a panic attack. I have anxiety disorder and post traumatic disorder. It just so happened I received The Prayer Box which came in the mail that day. I began reading The Prayer Box hoping that I could relax. I started reading the book and continued all day. The reading of the book was exactly what I needed.. I calmed down and was able to function after this. All I can say is that I am very thankful for this book and I will never forget this book. The 2 books I could possibly win might turn our to be a blessing such as The Prayer Box happened to be. Blessings to you Annette

    • says

      Thank you, Annette. I know what you shared about the Prayer Box’s impact on you will bless Lisa greatly. I know when I’m down or stressed a good story can be a great help.
      God bless,

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Annette, you’ve reminded me again of how perfectly God times things in our lives. When we need the answers, and when we despair of ever finding them, they come. I feel so blessed that The Prayer Box came to you at the right time and that it made a difference.

      We never know, no matter where we are or what we do, how something we’ve said or done, or a story we’ve told might walk through the darkness with someone else. What we are and what we’ve experienced is a beautiful tool God puts in our hands to share.

  34. Lanie White says

    I don’t have ONE particular favorite moment, but many when I read a good book. :) My moments would have to be when I get so into the book that when I stop reading, I have to stop for a few moments and figure out “How come I’m not …??? ( I get so into them that I feel like I’m there).


  35. Laurie Kearnes says

    Favorite reading moment – is actually many moments – thanks to my wonderful mother! I used to love to come home from school and just go lay on my bed and READ! But what made it so special was my mother would often have a freshly baked chocolate cake with nuts on top – hot out of the oven, just as I walked in the door from school. She’d cut me a big piece and I’d be off to my own little reading heaven!

    Thanks for the chance to win these awesome books!

    • Lisa Wingate says

      What a beautiful reading memory! My grandmother used to bake when she came to stay with us. There was nothing like coming home to the scent of her banana oatmeal cookies!

  36. says

    A special reading moment for me is anytime I have time to curl up with a great novel and lose myself in another world. It is especially rewarding when I gain some spiritual insight that the author imparts through or to their character. To travel to places you may never see or read about things you aren’t capable of doing…see characteristics in a hero that reminds me of how special my own man is–that is a great reading moment. A great Christian romance puts romance into my life encouraging me to look for the best in inspire the best in my own hero.

  37. says

    I have read all of Dani’s books! It is one of my favorite series and am so eagerly awaiting to read the newest release.
    Lisa, I am sorry to say, as of yet, I have not had the opportunity to read any of yours. The Prayer Box sounds good as also the one you are giving away!

    My favorite reading spot I guess would be outdoors on my swing as I listen to my children play. I too, enjoy books that grow my faith in Christ through the characters, or teach me new lessons. Fiction for me can definitely relate to life issues in a way that helps me deal with them better.

    Thank you ladies for the giveaway! God Bless as you continue to write for His glory!

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Thank you, Amy! We’re so glad to have you here on the porch with us today!

      And yes, Dani’s books are wonderful adventures. They transport me to places I have never been.

    • says

      Hi Amy,

      Thanks so much for dropping by. Thrilled you’re enjoying the Alaskan Courage series :)
      Reading on the swing sounds lovely.

      That’s exactly why I love Christian fiction so much–because it helps me grow in my faith, see something in a new way, and strengthens me.

  38. Janet R says

    I’ve read too many books to remember a specific moment! But I love being moved to tears when I empathize with a character and, in mysteries, I’m thrilled to know whodunit, especially if I DIDN’T figure it out!

  39. Kelly B says

    I really enjoyed the interview, thank you for sharing with us Dani. My favorite reading moment would have to be when someone that I was dating took me to our local park and had brought a picnic for us. When we were done, he got two chairs out of the trunk of his car and set them up in the shade. He told me to sit down and finish the book I was currently reading. I had 80 or so pages left of the last book of Harry Potter. He sat in silence beside me as I worked on finishing the book. It was an awesome day.

  40. says

    Oh boy, another suspense that may have caught my eye… not usually my genre but lately after reading a Terri Blackstock book, its starting to hook me. Now Dani I think I saw that very same documentary you spoke of, small world, now I am more hooked. Lisa thank you for this interview and for the giveaway you two are hosting. Would love to win the books signed… I keep all the books signed to me. Technically, I am playing hooky, back to Speedboing for me. I am nearing 4000 words… Hope I am a quick study in writing.

  41. Jackie McNutt says

    Hi Lisa and Dani,
    This was a great post. Enjoyed getting to know you both. I have not had the pleasure of reading any books either one of you have written yet, but I will definitely add your books to my TBR list after reading this post.
    I read every chance I get so to pick a special moment would probably be when I received my first library card and picked out my own book. Sorry I can’t remember what that book was as I have been a reader for at least 60 years ! The library and bookstores are my favorite places. I have been able to pass the love of books and reading to all my 5 sons and now my 6 grandchildren.
    Thank you both and Blessings

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Jackie, a grandma who takes time to read with the kids is a real treasure. Those kids will be blessed by the memories and the love of reading!

    • says

      What a treasure you have passed on to your children and grandchildren. I still remember getting my first library card. Such a wonderful thing. It opened up the world to me :)

  42. Sherri Myers says

    Thanks for the interview and your visit to the porch, I enjoyed sharing the time with you. I’d love to win your books, haven’t gotten the chance to read those yet! My favorite reading moments are on my front porch on a warm, sunny day reading a good book that takes me to somewhere new with people I could be friends with. Thanks again and God bless!!

  43. Rachel Hauck says

    Dani!! So great to have you on the SBV porch. Such a great interview and loved getting to know you more!!


  44. says

    Loved the interview and the things both of you had to share. My favorite reading moment is when the story line or a character or a bit of dialogue or scene unfolds that moves me to praise, prayer or discovery. It’s when I really grow to care and love the characters, appreciate their growth and change. I get to cry and/or rejoice with them. At that moment, I realize I am having a really great time! Thanks to the incredible writers God has blessed us with these days, I get to experience these moments again and again.

  45. Amanda T says

    My favorite reading moments are when the mystery to the story wraps up at the end and reveals all the secrets.

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