Welcome Deeanne Gist!

FairPlayI am so excited to welcome a good friend on the Porch this morning . . . Deeanne Gist. Dee lives in the Houston area and is known for her award-winning and very popular historical romance fiction.

Recently, an RT Book Reviews magazine article claimed Deeanne has a reputation for being the “bad girl” of inspirational fiction, which I find hilarious because she’s one of the sweetest gals you could ever know. Although when I spent a few nights in her home, she introduced me to a biker movie—well okay, maybe Bourne Legacy doesn’t exactly qualify, but I was a bit surprised one of the most popular romance authors chose a fast-paced action film over a chick flick! Then again, maybe the appeal was the hot guy on the motorcycle.

If you want the real scoop on Dee, scoot over to her website www.iwantherbooks.com. You’ll learn why she has a huge fan base of loyal readers and while you’re there, be sure to check out all her top selling books, including her recent series from Simon & Schuster. Readers across America are waiting for her most recent novel, FAIR PLAY, which releases tomorrow!

Oh . . . and here’s something I think you will really enjoy, a quick video where Dee surprises everyone on the Porch with a little southern how-to (especially helpful for those like me who did not grow up in the south).  Enjoy!

Wasn’t that fun?

Now . . . one lucky person will win FAIR PLAY, which releases tomorrow! As an added bonus, the winner will also receive a pre-release copy of my upcoming book A WOMAN OF FORTUNE, available in bookstores on June 3.  To enter to win these TWO FREE BOOKS, simply leave a comment below naming one thing you learned from Dee’s video. Good luck!

To register for Kellie’s BIG LAUNCH PARTY, click on this link:  http://www.shindig.com/event/awomanoffortune 271021_GilbertPromo_960x300WB

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A former legal investigator and trial paralegal, Kellie Coates Gilbert writes with a sympathetic, intimate knowledge of how people react under pressure. Her books tell emotionally poignant stories about woman in life-changing circumstances. Her next release, A WOMAN OF FORTUNE, will be available this June.

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  1. Lisa Wingate says

    LOL! Welcome to the porch, Dee! Only you could make eating crawfish look reasonably delicate. I’ve been to many a crawfish boil, but I have to admit… I discard the heads. I’ll crack bodies and fish out the tails all day long. Love me some fresh crawfish dumped in a pile on the back porch table =D

    Hugs, girlfriend! Thanks for visiting with us!


  2. says

    So fun to host Dee today. I giggled when I watched the video for the first time . . . especially when her kids intercepted the filming. I’ve never in my life eaten a crawfish. Armed with my new “know-how” I’m going to try some . . . real soon! Thanks, Dee!

  3. says

    Well, I learned not to eat a crawfish whose tail isn’t curled under. 😉 Such a cute video, Deeanne; so much fun to have you on the porch with us. Thanks for bringing her here, Kelllie!

  4. Judy Acker says

    Cute video. She ate crayfish like I do. Thanks for telling about the flat tail. Dee was braver than me… I have never and don’t intend to start sucking the head.

  5. says

    LOL! Dee, you just rock. That’s all! This southern belle appreciates the great service you’ve done the rest of the world today. :) Thx for being by SBV. It’s a pleasure to have you! May your and Kellie’s latest offerings fly off the shelves~

  6. bonnie says

    Hi, ladies!!

    The entire video was a learning experience for me including the fact that a lady can “gracefully” eat a crawfish!! Loved watching it – just don’t think I will ever be brave enough to try eating one!! Makes me wonder if Dee’s crawfish are kin to the ones in the creek on my father’s farm in Kentucky??

    Thanks, Dee and Kellie, for the post, cute video, and opportunity to win some wonderful books!!


  7. Julie Cantrell says

    LOVE this! I’m a Louisiana girl, so we def. have ALL DAY crawfish boils. With a Baptist cooler (nonalcoholic) and a Catholic cooler (LOTS of alcohol) to keep everybody happy. Fab video, Deanne, and welcome to our porch. I think we should have a SBV Crawfish Boil next spring and invite some porch pals to join us!

  8. Candice Valdez says

    I didn’t realize you do not eat a crawfish if his tail was straight out. I’m not a big seafood fan so I guess it’s ok that I did not know this! Thanks for the opportunity to win books! Love it!

  9. Sylvia M. says

    Oh, I’m looking forward to reading these books! :)

    One of these days I’m going to eat crawfish. I’m not a big seafood eater, but I’d like to give it a try. Now I know that I shouldn’t eat a crawfish if it’s not curled under. I’ll be sure to pay attention to that. :)

  10. tarrah says

    I’ve never eaten crawfish but Dee makes me want to try it. I would have to get rid of the face though. Ugh.

  11. Lori Cole says

    I love your books! When I was a little girl growing up in WV, I used to catch crawdads in the creek all the time, but never dreamed of eating one…so I’ll save ALL the crawfish for you! 😉

  12. Liz says

    I have never eaten crawfish and do not plan on it:) especially after seeing the yellow stuff inside! Gross!!! lol

  13. Bianca says

    I didn’t even know such a thing was done… that’s pretty cool. :) Make me kind of want to eat crawfish, my mom and sister are better at eating seafood, but I would give it a try. Pretty neat! Thanks for the opportunity in winning these books.

  14. Brenda Ayers says

    That was a very interesting video. I grew up playing in the creek and seeing craw
    fish all the time, but I have never eaten one. I certainly would not have known how to eat one. I have never had the desire to eat one, but maybe, since I’ve seen you eat one, someday I may try it. I have enjoyed reading your books, and I have several of your books in my library. I will look forward to reading this book, and hope I win.

  15. Melanie Morris says

    Excited about the new releases!
    As cute as you make it look Dee, not gonna eat crawfish! :)

  16. Beth says

    Can’t wait to read the books! I have never eaten crawfish…now I know to ignore the yellow stuff! Thanks for the informative video!

  17. Connie says

    I loved Kellie’s first book – can’t wait to read this one! Any author she recommends has to be good too!

  18. Jessica K. says

    Thanks for the informative video! I didn’t grow up in the south but I’d sure love to live there some day, and learning about how to eat a crawfish is very entertaining! I don’t think I’d be brave enough to suck the head, either, though. I’m not sure if I could even break the neck like you showed, Dee!

  19. says

    So glad to see so many crawfish-converts! You’re going to love it. And for the meek, I will confess that we do serve burgers and dogs at our crawfish boils because they aren’t always for everyone … I really think you should try it though!

  20. says

    Don’t know if I’d suck a crawfish head but I will eat the crispy fried tail of a blue gill…all while reading great fiction…and drinking sweet tea.

    • says

      Well, Debbie . . . you’re just going to have to go with Shellie’s yummy strawberries from last week. Of course, if you pipe a crawfish full of cream cheese, it might be pretty good! *smiles*

  21. Lis K says

    Everything in this video was new to me since I’ve never eaten crawfish but I’ll be sure to remember that its tail needs to be curled before eating one. That seems to be the most important thing to remember :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Michelle says

    Dee you are brave! I don’t know if I would have sucked the head. Looks gross. ha ha. The one thing that I learned was how Dee got the meat out of the tail. That made for a smooth transaction. ha ha! You are just awesome!

  23. Sydney Harries says

    Eating crawfish is a long process and very social!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Sydney Harries

  24. Laurel Baker says

    I definitely learned the right way to eat a crawfish and where to break it open to get the most meat :) I’m a huge Deeanne fan and to win these books would be amazing! :)

  25. steph j says

    learned about how to tell if it is fresh. i don’t think i would be brave enough to try it.

  26. Beth says

    Oh I am very familiar with a crawfish broil! That’d what we did for my 16th birthday at my request 😉

    I was never a fan of sucking the head, the juice was usually to spicy for me, but I have tried it before. I didn’t know about the curled tail, but come to think of it, I never had any that weren’t curled, so phew!

    Thank you for the chance to win!


    • says

      Beth – thanks for visiting the porch today. And, I’m glad you are a crawfish eater. I thought I was the only one who had never tried them (I have an excuse being from the Pacific Northwest) but sounds like there are a lot of people on the Porch today who don’t make eating crawfish a regular practice!

  27. Hannah Peasha says

    I’ve always wanted to try crawfish but being from northern California we’ve never had a crawfish broil. Thanks for the How-To lesson Dee, I can’t wait to use it!

  28. Nicole B says

    I have never eaten crawfish before, but I am no longer intimidated to eat it. I am glad to know that the tail needs to be curled in otherwise you wouldn’t want to eat it! I would be a more adventurous eater if there were more of these instructional videos, because I wouldn’t have to look like I had no idea what I was doing!

  29. says

    You guys are making my day! So glad to see so many of you willing to try out one of my favorite things! It really is all about the social aspect. Lots of fun. Lots of laughs. Lots of good times. :)

  30. says

    Dee – we’re so tickled you became an honorary “Southern Belle” for the day. The video was a huge hit! *hugs*

    And I hope readers across America will be snuggling up to read FAIR PLAY this week!

  31. KayM says

    What a cute video! I learned that you should never eat a crawfish if its tail is out straight and not curled under. .

  32. Ladonna says

    Well, I learned how to eat a crawfish. I’ve never eaten one before. Maybe I’ll be brave enough to try one now that I know how you are supposed to eat them. :)

  33. Dawn says

    I must say I have never sucked the meat out, I pearl the fist two pinch its tail and pull the meat out, after watching this I will have to try this new trick, I can’t wait for our next crawfish boil to try it. I also wanted to add if u out squeeze the head while you suck you will get more juice and spice. It is good.

  34. Patty says

    I’m not officially a GRITS, but I’ve spent all of my adult years here. Never been to a crawfish boil, but I’m not much of a seafood fan in general. Also I think in SC, that would be something you run across more in the low country not where I live in the upstate.

  35. Melanie Backus says

    Great books, great authors, Boy, am I excited! Be sure to give this Texas gal a shout if a great big crawfish boil with the porch gals occurs…..can you imagine the fun, the laughter, the love!!!!!!!

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