The Prayer Box Makes the Washington Post Online!

There’s a little Belle Boast happening on the porch this week.  Last Wednesday, Lisa Wingate’s The Prayer Box was announced among the finalists for the ECPA Christian Book Awards.  The Washington Post ran an article about the announcement and the award:


That’s a double “Whoot-whoot” from the crew at Southern BelleView!

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  1. Alva Holland says

    Of course it made the list of finalists! Here’s my previous comment on Goodreads about this book – a cracker of a read.
    “I’ve just read The Prayer Box having come across its recommendation in a list of books similar to ‘Necessary Lies’ by Diane Chamberlain. Tandi’s story, her struggles, her despair and her ultimate triumph completely blew me away. There were so many parts of this story I could highlight for inspiration and comfort to people who think there’s no point in continuing to fight their particular battle, whatever it might be. I love the premise of The Prayer Box, loved Iola Anne’s story and just completely got lost in the book.
    Well done you. Keep writing and keep happy.”

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Hi Velma! It’s great to see one of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Book sisters here! You all were The Prayer Box’s very first readers 😉

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