The Magic Of An Ordinary Day

Happy Monday, Everyone!  Since it’s Thanksgiving week, I thought I’d share something that caused me to catalog and count my blessings last week.  There’s a question I like to ask people sometimes when conversations wane and quiet moments come along.  The answer not only reveals much about the person, but much about human nature. It is, I think, one of the great mysteries of life that our golden hours are not always the ones we expect.  So often, in fact, we find them in hindsight and only then realize that something wonderful, a singular moment of magic, has come and gone.

Last week I posed the question on Facebook, “If you could go back in time and step into any photograph in your house, which one would it be?” I you might enjoy reading the answers.

Leah: The last pic of my mom before her passing.

Jim: the birth of our children

Jolina Petersheim: My wedding day, so I could put those jitters aside and know I’m marrying the sweetest guy in the world.

Jayne: When my husband showed my daughter to my two little boys. The love and caring on their faces was priceless!

Cheryle: The picture of my deceased son David’s first Christmas as a Touchton. He was 7 and as i snapped the sweet picture, he had the most baffled look on his face as he gazed at the room full of toys. We didn’t know it but he had never had a real Christmas. I would smother him with the kisses of a Mama who knew she wouldn’t have enough Christmases with him. Savor the moments.

Vannetta Chapman: GREAT question. We have an oil painting of a cobbler, and his wife is sitting there at the table with him. I coudl write a book about that painting. Hmmm … maybe I will.

Karen: The one I am taking of my Grandmom on our back porch. It is a summer day and she’s wearing her maroon & tiny white polka dot dress. Being the youngest in my family I spent the most time at home with her (she lived with us). In the summer I would just be playing etc., but this day I took a pic of her. Most likely she was just on the porch after hanging out the wash on the line or after being in the garden. I can still feel the sun on my face taking that photo. (PS. She was always asking me why I want to take her photo, LOL). I love this photo of her on just a regular summer day ! Grandmom was always there and I just loved that. Miss that dearly, but have happy memories of all our little adventures together. Ok, time to stop the tears. I’m at work .

Liberty: When my husband and FIL were fishing on a river in the Rockies… it was a perfect summer day, and I loved photographing the area, and hopping from rock to rock with just my camera. Have two kids now, so being that carefree won’t be happening anytime soon.

Gretchen: The black and white photo of my husband in a hammock swing in Antibes, France. It was July 4, the day after our 5th anniversary. The expression on his face is pure relaxation, and it was perhaps the best day of my life. On vacation in paradise, perfect weather, amazing food. I was pregnant with our son, so one of the last times as the two of us, yet knowing we’d be blessed with children.

Lauralou: The oldest vintage snapshot I have is a group of people posed in a studio, but with a picnic basket and dressed for an outing. I have never been able to identify these long lost relatives. I want their stories and facts about the other relatives living at that time. If I could just chat with them a few minutes and get to know them it would be amazing.

Mary: This one of my grandmother ( the one without the hat) and her unknown friend. I never knew her but was named after her.

Linda: Years ago, Don and I were on a trip down the coast of N/S Carolina. We popped up over a hill and there was the most beautiful view of the ocean meeting the shore and no one was there. I had Don stop on the shoulder, I stepped out and snapped it. Had it enlarged and framed with a lovely pastel blue frame. It is so serene and Peaceful…like a hidden haven.

Virginia: When my kids were small and mom and dad were still here.

Deanna: A photo of my great grand parents, with their parents and children. Not too sure which one is my granddaddy of the children in the picture.

Sandy: My Grandpa Jackson and I at the park, when he was visiting from Mississippi. I was about 3 yrs. old.

Janet: My angel daughters graduation picture. Maybe I could’ve changed things for her and she would still be with us.

Robyn: We have a picture that was taken at Christmas It was Mama’s & Dad’s turn to host the festivities .We had so many Aunts, Uncles & cousins running around .Dad took a picture .The front yard was full of Walkers .Everyone was happy & in good health .To see my mother & father again at Christmas would be wonderful .I’ m getting misty eyed.

Cece: my sister and I are in a picture at the Stockyards-I was hot ! haha We were up to no good, I am sure but I have fond memories of that weekend.

Ann: Any of them where my dad is still alive and mama and daddy had their minds still.

Martha: The ones with my son and my grandchildren.They grow up TOO fast. It is SO important to preserve that priceless moment on film! And, OHHH, those memories when I look at those pictures!

Cindy: Our wedding picture, and relive that day.

Bonnie: One that contained my grandparents, both now gone.

 Mary: Aside from a few happy Christmas moments with my children, My profile pic with my horse Babe would be my pic. The best days of my single life, free, beautiful, had the world at my finger tips. Stress was minimal and everything was Glorious!

 Lisa Wingate: I think this would be mine — a surprise outing for my birthday and the discovery of the old swimming hole on a clear-water hill country creek. Campfire, discoveries, little boy wonders. Spring in the hill country. Wildflowers blooming thick as and bright as a Navajo rug. Such a beautiful day. A perfect day. The best part is, I knew it while it was happening.


Angie: My first trip to see my grandma after 15 years of being an agoraphobic

Becky: Too numerous to mention because we don’t do photo albums. We select special photos of family over the years & create collages on every wall in our bedroom so we see them every day!!!! I love this tradition! I wake up seeing my family & I go to sleep seeing my family! Life hardly gets any better than that!!!

Paula: My wedding day it was perfect for us

Gail: A picture of a big, old, 2 story house at the end of a tree covered dirt lane. Lots of trees and a few flowering bushes . Big front porch. Quiet and relaxing. I could be VERY content living there.Oh yeah and a gazebo in the back yard.

Yvonne: Back to first being a mother. But I would want all 3 little at this time. I am more wise now. My priorities are different. Of course I would be younger. I love being a mother.

Barbie: Yellowstone…so awesome!

Julie: First night we spent on our first home (husband and I). The kitty cats must have spent the night tiptoeing across the new carpet, because there were little paw prints across the entire carpet! We laughed at amazement.

Teresa: to be with my grandmother again(she raised me) esp since she passed away over 19 yrs ago.

Cynthia: When I was a young mother and had all 3 little boys around me. Such a blessed time of my life

 Shaun: My wedding day. It wasn’t anything spectacular but I will never forget it.

Pauline: I would jump right back into several…I would definitely go back to when my parents were alive and my oldest was an infant, as my mom died when she was all of 9 weeks, and then was only 8 months when dad passed. I was 25, mom 54, and dad, 57. The other photo that comes to mind, is one in which all three of my kids, are sitting upon the family camp (Not finished within, three rooms only, cold water only, outhouse, no shower), porch railing. I delighted in that space, my most favorite space on this earth…

 Hope: we have family pics of me my hubby step daughter and her fiance. id love to relive that day. it was fun and special.

 Jana: If possible… I would love to go back in time in the picture of my grandmother at TCU 47 years before I was. I think time travel to the past would be awesome!


I hope this gathering of golden moments has been a blessing to you on this week of Thanksgiving and that it reminds you, as it did me, that the golden moments aren’t about the things that so often consume our time — the gaining, and the getting, and the achieving.  The golden moments aren’t about things, at all. They’re about people, and relationships, and experiences shared. They’re about peace, and joy, and that which the Bible tells us will matter above all things — love.

May your Thanksiving be filled with love, my friends. And if, after the turkey and the pumpkin pie have come and gone, a bit of quiet time comes along while you’re gathered around the table, don’t wander off to the TV, or the laptop, or the computer game.  Pause a moment.  Savor.  Enjoy.  Be present.

Maybe even consider asking that question above, gathering the answers in your family, and savoring the magic of many an ordinary moment in an ordinary day.


Question for the day: So what about you?  If you could travel in time and step into any photograph in your house, which one would it be?

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  1. Rachel Hauck says

    What a fabulous question! If I could go cam in time I’d visit my grandma’s house in the Shawnee State Forrest in southern Ohio. What a GREAT place. Old but with so much character, surrounded by woods, nestled by a creek… All the cousins have great memories of our days there.

    I’d love to go back to see the house. To see my Grandma!


    • Lisa Wingate says

      I remember those beautiful forests of Ohio. We lived there for a short time and our favorite thing to do was take off for the woods. It’s such a beautiful old forest, Rachel, I can see why you’d want to step back into that picture!

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Thank you for joining in, Angie! It was so much fun seeing everyone’s answers to the question. It’s always interesting and meaningful to see what people will say. Loved your answer!

  2. Virginia Rush says

    so many…but when all of our family were still here, being together, eating together, grandparents, the kids still little, me more wise…..I’d just want to watch everybody’s expressions, listen to them talk, watch the kids…be more observant and more thankful…. lessons you learn with age…. when you first posted this, I knew what the answer would be, but it really made me think!!!

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Virginia, you are so right. Those are the lessons we learn with age. I would love to go back to one of those big Thanksgiving dinners when the whole family was together. I’d sit forever at the table and just listen.

  3. says

    I love your picture, Lisa, and your description of your perfect day. Those moments we realize are perfect when we’re living them are truly the best. Happy Thanksgiving, friend; we have so very much to be thankful for.

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Yes ma’am, they are. Every once in a while we know the glory moments while they are happening. I hope you and your family have a magical Thanksgiving, Jolina!

  4. Leslie Robertson says

    I’d go back to the day my granddaughter was born. I was there for the birth and she is named for me. Such a very special moment. Thank you for giving me something to think about with this story today!

    • Lisa Wingate says

      What a beautiful moment, Leslie! I can’t think of anything more magic than that. I look forward to that day.. sometime in the future.

  5. Julie says

    Oh, Lisa. This is the best post ever. I loved reading everyone’s special memories and felt such tremendous emotion in each story. For me, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. I feel incredibly blessed to have had such a rich, wonderful life filled with wonder and joy each and every day…even in the ,midst of tough stuff. But, I think it’d be a photo we have on our fridge of the four of us. We have very few photos of all of us together. We were hiking and we set up the camera on a tree limb and set it with the auto timer. We all snuggled together on a mossy boulder. The giggly anticipation of the camera about to snap sent us into fits of laughter. We had spent the day hiking through what the kids believed at the time to be “middle earth” and had convinced them we were searching for the hobbit colony. They were such imaginative spirits and they loved these kind of day spent in pretend worlds. Thanks for the special dive back in time. j

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Julie, what a sweet and perfect moment. I can imagine every bit of it from your description. It reminds me of a trip out to Truckee/Lake Tahoe when the boys were young teens. It was such a good vacation — little cabin with no TV, no internet… just lots of trails for hiking and the Truckee river right out the door. A perfect time. I’d step back into it if I could.

  6. Brannon McMorris says

    I’ve suffered big loses the past 18 months. I lost my best 4 legged friend, my grandfather, and my dad. As much as I’d like to have 5 more minutes with my dad or grandfather, I don’t have that one picture where the context lends itself to what I want to say to the people I’ve lost.

    When I was living in Oregon, my best friend Riley and I would get up at 5 am and drive/walk to a new path we’d never explored. I have a picture of us one morning after a hike up to a triple falls, which is pretty much what the name implies, a big waterfall with streams split by three rocks. It was a very peaceful morning, Riley was excited by all the new sounds and smells. He is all smiles in the picture. It was a perfect day.

    • Julie says

      Brannon, I’m very sorry to read about all you have lost in the last 18 months. It sounds like you have had a life filled with lots of love, though, and the memories of your friend Riley on all those hikes sounds very special indeed. Thanks for sharing and Peace be with you, j

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Brannon, thank you for letting us into your moment with Riley. There’s something special about being out walking while the world is still waking up. I have a feeling Riley’s joy in these adventures was even greater than your own.

      Goodbye is such a hard word, and to have so many losses so close together must be terribly hard. The beauty of moments with those we love is that love transcends all things. Even the loss of our physical bonds does to diminish the ties that love has built.

      Your description of Riley as “all smiles” made me smile. He sounds like a perfect hiking companion.

      Blessings and peace to you this Thanksgiving.

  7. Shellie says

    What a great question, Lisa! I’ve totally enjoyed reading everyone’s golden memories. As for my choice, can I think on it and get back to you? ;)

  8. ReNae says

    Wonderful question and fun to read everyones answers. I can’t even pick a moment or a day but probably just talking to my grandparents and great grandmother about their life when younger. Just to have 5 minutes to hear their voices again. My brother passed away at 16 and just to have moments back with him. This is when we really realize how priceless the present is…for we know not what will happen in the next moment. Oh Lisa this just gave me chills…a true lesson in living in the moment for me. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    Lisa so enjoy your books!!!
    Also I saw Rachel’s post…I just read my first Rachel Hauck book this year..The Wedding Dress….So loved it too!!

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Thanks so much ReNae! All the moments friends shared on Facebook made me think back to so many wonderful times in my own life. It definitely made me treasure the moments that are happening now!

      Thank you for joining us on the porch and for the sweet comments about the books.

      We are thankful for you!!

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