“Something’s gotta give”

She had asked her husband multiple times if they could afford to come to the Reclaiming Hearts Weekend Experience that our ministry was hosting in the beautiful resort community of Watercolor in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. This experience had been created as an intensive weekend to walk through the lessons of my book Reclaiming Your Heart, which are a by product of my own healing after the loss of my first marriage.WINSHAPE 2014 Flier

Her husband had been out of work for over a year and he told her yet again, “We simply can’t afford it.”

Two days before the final deadline there was a knock on their door. A gentleman asked them if they were willing to sell their boat. They didn’t even have their boat for sale. But they needed money and this couldn’t be an accident. So, they sold it. And she asked again. This time her husband said yes.

On their trip down to Florida he took a wrong turn and hadn’t printed off directions. With that one accidental move, all of the pain, and frustration and hurt and anger of the last year rose to the surface and that car became a war zone of flying words and piercing daggers. The final statement as they finally pulled up to the host house, debating whether they would even come inside or not was, “Something’s got to give.”

They finally made their way to the ministry team to receive their welcome packet and get their house assignment, only to discover that the home they were staying in had a name. Know what it was? Yep, “Something’s gotta give.” They knew in that moment they were right where they were supposed to be. Over and over in the course of that weekend they were met with this detailed love all the way down to his favorite candy bar, Almond Joy, being in the goodie basket in their home. It was a weekend of lavish love.

Over the course of this last year the redemption of my own broken heart has made me a warrior for others. One of the ways we do this is through our Weekend Experiences. We see people come in at their deepest places of pain and others in their greatest seasons of joy. And God meets each one of them right where they are.

Do you need this? Do you know someone who does? If you do, for our Southern BelleView readers Reclaiming Hearts Ministries is going to extend the registration date just for you to August 15th.

And just to hear a little more of their heart, here is Brad and Laura’s story.


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A southern girl who loves her family, friends and SEC football. I'm crazy about Jesus, Coca-Cola, Mr. Jones, and my bonus-kids. And I write a few books.

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  1. Lisa Wingate says

    What an amazing story, Denise! God bless you in the important work you do with couples and hearts!


  2. Julie Cantrell says

    Denise…you have no idea how many people’s heart you are healing with your willingness to be open, humble, honest, and helpful. Thanks for all you do, and for sharing this sweet story with us today. Hugs, j

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