Sharing Secrets over Sweet Tea

Let’s pretend for a minute we are sitting on my front porch. Honestly, that is where I bring my closest friends. I’ve poured you some sweet tea, and my coke is next to me. (I have to be honest here, because that is what it would be.) And we begin to share our hearts like true friends. The deep down places. The soul places. The places that take us from “how are you?”, to “what’s really up?”

Honestly, this is what I am feel this blog can be. A place for honesty to reign, and as my precious friend Shelley Rushing Tomlinson says, have our “hearts wide open.” I am a student of the heart. Probably because I’ve found mine horrifically shut down and then had to split it wide open in order to fight desperately hard to reclaim it. I’ve shared those stories in blogs, in books and in bible studies and in intimate conversations.

Some of my fellow Southern BelleView bloggers I know pretty well. I’ve shared meals with Nicole, Rachel and Eva Marie. I’ve shared wonderful phone conversations with Shelley and have recently gotten to get to know Lisa and Jolina in small life snippets in book signings. But I am looking forward to getting to know each of them better. And deeper.

I’ve gotten to know some readers intimately as well through the years. Many of which now know much about my life and I theirs. I’ve prayed for their children, prayed for their sick dogs, believed with them for jobs and healing of their marriages and healing for their hearts. Some now serve on our ministry team and all because they trusted me with their hearts as they read one of my stories.

Life is short. Feel pretty certain Jesus is about to show off pretty soon as he parts skies and finally takes us home. But in the meantime life happens. We drive carpools. We pay bills. We wonder how gravity has taken over our bodies so quick and how we just got past pimples with puberty and now we have them again with peri-menopause. So, we need each other. This journey requires companions. Soul sisters. A deep knowing. I performed for years just to survive. My home was a wreck, my heart had been abused and I needed the world to know I had it altogether. Sister ain’t that way anymore! So, here’s to this porch. A place where honesty reigns. Sweet tea is poured out in abundance and coca-cola can be purchased via I.V. drip. I am looking forward to learning you. And I can promise that what you will get here is the real deal. Sister is too old and our hearts are far too valuable to offer anything less.



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A southern girl who loves her family, friends and SEC football. I'm crazy about Jesus, Coca-Cola, Mr. Jones, and my bonus-kids. And I write a few books.

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  1. says

    “Sister is too old and our hearts are far too valuable to offer anything less.” ~ This line. This is just one of the reasons I love you. :) AMEN AND AMEN

  2. Nicole Seitz says

    I can remember spending a little time with you way back when, and you were fresh and open then as you are now. I think it’s part of you, part of what makes you so appealing and endearing to others. I so look forward to spending some time with you again. Not sure what our future holds, but I do know our paths have crossed again here. And that’s a good thing. Blessings on everything you touch.

    • says

      Nicole thank you for that…sometimes I forget that there is a piece of us that still can be seen even on the darkest days. I appreciate that reminder…Miss your face.

  3. says

    An absolutely beautiful post, Denise. I agree that our time on this earth is too short not to keep these hearts of our open to receiving and extending grace to each other. Thank you for this priceless reminder. Blessings to you, dear friend–wish I could really sit on that porch with you!

  4. Jackie Smith says

    Loved this, Denise! You have been a blessing to me in the short time you have been on this blog! I am so looking forward to reading your book (that I won and is on the way to me) and I have the others in that series on the way to me from A.
    Pass the tea!!

  5. Teresa Williams says

    I love front porches. One day while sitting on my granddaddy’s front porch many years ago he shared with me, as tears streamed down his face how he had asked Jesus to come into his heart. Life was seldom easy for him. My heart will forever cherish those days with him and my father – little did I know at the time that both would die early in life – both knowing Jesus. As I read your post I was reminded of how nice it is to have those people in your life to just slow down and listen and share and love each other. My heart is desperate for a front porch and that will a MUST in my new home. The words you write always reach me in my deep place. You are a rare treasure and healing balm to a hurting world. Love you

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