Seriously the Best White Cheese Dip Ever (from Lisa Wingate)


Happy Monday, everyone! Please excuse the title of today’s entry on the BelleView porch. I know it sounds like a boast, but I have it on good authority that this is, indeed, the best white cheese dip ever.

Granted, that commentary came from one husband, two man-children who aren’t known for discerning palates, and several 4th of July guests who were probably close to starving, but those words were uttered this very weekend, in direct response to this very cheese dip.

I’ve had a long-standing romance with the white cheese dip (not the standard cheddar-and-tomato queso, but the smooth, creamy, slightly spicy and always delicious queso blanco) served in some of my favorite Mexican restaurants. I’ve tried for years to tweak, and experiment, and come up with just the right combination of ingredients, and heretofore have created everything from cheese soup to white goo. But this weekend, I finally got it perfect. Oh, the joy!

I dropped a bit on the floor, and even the Huckleberry agreed.


Huckleberry says this stuff is doggone good!

Since there’s no sense keeping a good thing under your sombrero, I’m sharing it with all of our porch friends this Monday morning. It’s a nice change from the standard Rotel and Velveeta dip. A different taste, or a great companion to the traditional kind on a Mexican buffet.

Either way, Viva el queso. Es muy bueno!


Seriously The Best White Cheese Dip Ever

1 lb Velveeta (white) Queso Blanco

1 can PET milk

1 Tbs butter or margarine

2 4 oz cans chopped green chilies

1 cup water (only as needed to thin the dip)

2 tsp ground cumin

2 tsp onion powder

2 tsp garlic powder

dash cayenne pepper (to taste)

Cut Velveeta into chunks, place in sauce pan or microwave dish, add PET milk, melt in sauce pan or microwave dish, stirring occasionally until smooth. Add chilies, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder. Add water as needed to thin the dip to desired consistency. Add cayenne pepper to taste (more or less heat, depending on how brave you are.) Enjoy! 

And on a sidenote…

And since we’re talking about cheese today on the porch, I wanted to let you know that my BRAND NEW BOOK BABY hit the shelves just before the holiday. It actually has nothing to do with cheese, but it was a joy to write, and the thrill of seeing it release is right up there with the thrill of having finally succeeded in the cheese dip quest. The Tidewater Sisters is a novella bridge between The Prayer Box and The Story Keeper (upcoming in September). A fascinating historical thread connected to Appalachia and the Outer Banks binds this group of North Carolina novels together.

Here’s the skivvy on The Tidewater Sisters novella, which is only $2.51 on Amazon. I hope you’ll check it out!

Tandi Reese and her sister, Gina, have always been bound by complicated ties. Amid the rubble of a difficult childhood lie memories of huddling beneath beds and behind sofas while parental wars raged. Sisterhood was safety . . . once. But now? Faced with legal papers for a fraud she didn’t commit, Tandi suspects that her sister has done something unthinkable. With Tandi’s wedding just around the corner, a trip to the North Carolina Tidewater for a reckoning with Gina was not part of the plan. But unraveling lies from truth will require confronting strained sibling bonds and uncovering a dark family secret that could free Tandi from her past or stain her future forever.


The Tidewater Sisters Baby Shower Giveaway!

In celebration of The Tidewater Sisters release and to get the word out, I’m giving away a SIGNED ADVANCE READER copy of The Story Keeper along with a $50 Sea Glass Shop gift certificate, To enter, share the picture below on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, tweet on Twitter, (if you share online BE SURE to leave a comment and let me know you shared, and where, so you’ll be entered) OR answer the question of the day in the comments below. I’ll announce a winner on Tuesday on my Facebook page here:!


Question of the day: The Tidewater Sisters is about the complicated bonds of sisterhood. Who was your favorite companion and confidante growing up? A sister, a sister-friend, a cousin? What did you enjoy doing together and are you still in touch?


The Prayer Box — Selected as One of Booklist’s Top Ten of 2013!



Click for peek at The Tidewater Sisters

 Click for sneak peek at The Story Keeper




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Selected among BOOKLIST'S Top 10 of 2012 and Top 10 of 2013, Lisa Wingate weaves Southern settings with elements of women's fiction, history, and mystery to create stories that Publisher's Weekly calls "Masterful" and Library Journal refers to as "Lyrical and beautiful." She is a seven-time Carol Award nominee, and a two-time Carol Award winner. She once dreamed of making the Olympics and winning the National Finals Rodeo, but was thwarted by an inability to do a back flip on the balance beam and parents who wouldn't finance a rodeo career, so she took her first-grade teacher's advice and became a writer instead ;)

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  1. Lisa Wingate says

    LOL! Love ya, Kelle! Yes, this dip is going to have to be a “special occasions only” thing for me. Way too yummy 😉

    • says

      Oh, NOW you tell us it’s “special occasions only!” I made a batch for everyday TV watching last night. It IS yummy! And sadly, there’s enough left for tonight, which I am declaring SPECIAL WEDNESDAY! 😉

  2. Sharon says

    I’ll be running right out to get the ingredients for your Blanco dip. I’ve always loved that white cheese dip at some Mexican restaurants and tried to make it, but never quite right. I’ll definitely try yours.

    Read The Tidewater Sisters. Loved it! Reviewed it on Amazon for you. Keep up the great writing Lisa!

  3. says

    My best friend Rebecca whom I’ve known for as long as I can remember! We moved away when I was in elementary school but even now (We’re both 32) we still chat often, she is part of my Thirty-One Gifts team and we have kiddos the same age! Distance hasn’t changed our relationship! <3

  4. Nancy says

    Shared on Facebook. I was thinking of pulling out my Betty Crocker cookbook and making a peach pie…ala Firefly Island, but White Cheese Dip sounds like the ticket today. Nancy Kramer

    • Lisa Wingate says

      I had two older brothers, and while they could be rotten when they wanted to, we had many adventures together, too!

  5. Kelly says

    My favorite confidante growing up was actually my mother! And unfortunately for her I seemed to always want to talk at 11 pm at night! Thankfully she was always willing to listen (and still is!). :-)

  6. Connie Price says

    I had a best friend in JR and SR High school-we spend many overnights,shopping trips,even part of the summers with her grandparents in Pa. We shared everything! Sadly,our lives each took different directions and goals-but I cherish the memories of those years. I just celebrated our 40th high school reunion-she was not there. I last saw her at the 25th reunion (1999).

    • Lisa Wingate says

      It’s sad that sometimes we lose those friendship over time. Those years of best girlfriends and secrets are special.

  7. Edie Mc says

    Lisa, Yay! for the book baby and the cheese dip recipe. My one and only older sister and I were very different growing up. She liked to keep her nose in a book, and I pestered her to play dolls and paper dolls with me. Now, I keep my nose in a book, too! We are a hundred miles apart in distance, but close in our hearts. She’s so precious, and I’m so blessed to have her as my sister! I pinned to “Later, I’m Reading” and shared on FB! Congratulations on the new book babies. Keep them coming!

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Thank you for sharing Edie! Loved the sweet story about your sister. Sometimes as we grow up we find we have more in common than we thought 😉

  8. Shelley says

    My two sisters have always been my best friends. One is 5 years older and one is 2 years younger. We have always had similar interests. We have really gotten close since January. My dad died in a wreck close to our home.

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Shelly, I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your dad. I’m glad that you and your sisters have one another as you go through a difficult time.

  9. Deanna S says

    Wow, 50 years ago… My special friend was a neighbor girl. We spent a lot of time together riding horses, going to the swimming pool & just having fun. We just recently reconnected on facebook. Would love to win a copy of your new book!

  10. Karen Cushing says

    My favorite companion and confidante growing up was my sister. Although we live about 350 miles apart now, she is still my favorite confidante. We stay in touch daily. We know the history of each other’s lives and of our family and it makes connecting so easy and meaningful.
    I am sharing the picture to my Pinterest account, which is under the name Karen Cushing.
    Thanks for this great giveaway.

    • Lisa Wingate says

      When you share history with someone, you have plenty of stories and memories to share. What a blessing!

  11. Loretta Shumpert says

    I had a close sister and a very close cousin while growing up. The closest to me was a school friend who FELT like a sister! And yes, 44 years later….even though she lives 800 miles away…we are still in frequent contact. We talk for hours and never run out of things to talk about. She has been a blessing to me.

  12. MJ says

    My best friend and confident was my next door neighbor, Robert. We shared everything from baby buggies to our first kiss in the closet under the stairs at his house! We decided that kissing was way over-rated! We decided it was much better to remain friends.

  13. Susan Roberts says

    Fifty seven years ago, when I was 9 years old, my baby sister was born. All of my friends had dolls to play with but I had my own little baby sister to take care of. I always took her everywhere that I went (even though it made our middle sister jealous). Today we are still just as close. We live 800 miles apart but we talk and message frequently. And, luckily I am also close with my other sister too. I would be lost without my two sisters in my life. They are a part of so many of my good childhood memories.

  14. Teresa says

    I pinned it on my Reading Corner board on pinterest and will be sharing it on facebook. I love your books!

  15. Joani Sotherden says

    I received a copy of “The Prayer Box” along with a journal and a prayer box as a retirement gift. I started reading the book late Friday afternoon. I had a hard time closing it and turning off the light for some well deserved sleep. I finished it the next afternoon. What a refreshing story with a wonderful message.I would not have made it except for our Heavenly Father, my sisters and my sisters in Christ!

    I purchased the “Tidewater Sisters” for my iPad and completed that part of the story yesterday after church! Can not wait to share my copy of “The Prayer Box” with others. Anxiously awaiting “The Story Keeper”.

    God has blessed you with the gift of story telling, Lisa!

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Thank you Joani! How sweet to know you received The Prayer Box as a gift. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story and have been following Tandi’s journey 😉

  16. says

    Your dip sounds a lot like the one I make. I want to make yours, too. It sounds great. I shared the picture on Facebook and Pinterest. I couldn’t get it to go to Twitter. I can hardly wait to read this novella to bridge The Prayer Box and The Story Keeper! As for my sisters; I don’t have a blood relation sister, but I had two sister-friends, and two sister-cousins. I was close with each of them, and spent as much time as I could with them. We all had our own dreams, but both my sister-friends shared dreams of becoming writers one day. We all pursued other lives; me, just for that time being. Now is my time, and they are all in support. :-) I am still in contact with each of them. We went through a time of just living our lives with raising families and such, and now have come back into close contact regularly again. I love all my sisters. 😀

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Awww… Cindy, thank you for sharing. And there’s still time for that writer dream. There’s always time 😉

  17. says

    Shared on Facebook. Believe it or not, my best friend since I was ten yours old is my husband . Best friends for 59 years. Though after I joined a sorority in college, I’ve got anpbout a dozen “besties” who do things together all the time. One I do call my “adopted sister”. I also have a group of “besties” from church , with a couple of “adopted sisters”. I was an only child, so I creat my own ” adopted family” with brothers and sisters by choice. The cheese dip sounds great. Might share it with my other great friends–my book group of twenty years!!! Have to say that my daughter is also one of mt ” besties” now too!!

  18. Patsye says

    Can’t wait to make this dip for the family beach vacation in two weeks!! And I just dipped my nose in my kindle for The Tidewater Sisters. I have a feeling I will be up tonight until I finish it! Gotta get ready for The Story Keeper to arrive!

  19. Dalene Wilkinson says

    I shared on Facebook. Am halfway through Tide Water Sisters and love, love, loving it. Love the bridging between it and The Prayer Box and The Story Keeper, both of which I loved. Thanks.

  20. Cindy Goar says

    Shared on Facebook and pinned to Pinterest! The cheese dip sounds amazing! I will have to try this one soon!

  21. Barbara Taylor says

    I just got Tidewater Sisters on my Kindle last week and am starting it today. Now you also give us what sounds like a wonderful snack to enjoy while reading. Oh, when will the horrors ever stop!? LOL. Thank you, Lisa, for all the pleasurable hours you’ve given us thru your books.

  22. says

    Okay Lisa, I am cheese dip snob! So I am so excited to try this! Would love to have my own version at home. So excited for your new release and never ever get tired of seeing huckleberry:)

  23. Denise says

    I don’t think I can get the cheese, but the dip sounds delicious!

    Pinned momof3boysj books board–can’t do link on phone.

  24. Velma Hunsucker says

    The cheese dip looks yummy!
    I shared on my personal Facebook page , my Velma’s Book Nook page, and on Twitter. To answer your question my closest friend as a child was my cousin who lived next door to my grandmother. When we were teenagers, she did something very hurtful, and we were never close again after that. Now my husband and my sister are my best friends.

  25. Melanie Backus says

    The Tidewater Sisters was great! I left reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Being an only child, I had many great girlfriends. I have stayed really close with one and you and I know who she is. Sharron is a dear and I am so blessed to have her as a life long friend.

  26. Mary Jane says

    My favorite confidante was Natasha, a dear friend of mine from junior high on. We would spend afternoons hanging out in her room and talking, talking, talking. We’re both in our fifties now and live three states apart but still call each other regularly and try to get together when we can. She’s coming through town tomorrow night and I can’t wait to see her again!!!

  27. Bonnie Roof says

    Wonderful post, Lisa!! Thank you!!

    Would love to try that white cheese dip (as it is my favorite also) and this may be a dumb question – but is there a white Velveeta sold in supermarkets, or is the recipe white because of the milk added? I’ve only seen the yellow Velveeta in stores in my area. Also – what size can of milk is used?

    One of my favorite childhood companions was a girl whose family rented the house next door to me – from my father. We were constant companions and her mother always seemed able to handle any situation that came up. I remember spilling cough syrup on a new coat – on the school bus one day – and taking the coat to my friend’s mother to clean before going home as I was afraid my mother would be upset. It’s funny the little things you remember from the past – I was at my friend’s home frequently during mealtime and some favorites were beans with fresh onions and ALWAYS buttermilk with homemade cornbread in it. They were humble country folk with “hearts of gold”! Sadly, both parents have now passed away as has my friend (from a stroke).

    I have purchased “The Tidewater Sisters”, shared the giveaway picture on Facebook, and am joyfully awaiting the release of “The Story Keeper”!

  28. Genie Cowden says

    Thanks so much for sharing the White Cheese Dip! I am in a book club and will be taking it the next time we meet and can’t wait to Love Huckleberry! What breed is he?

  29. says

    Question of the Day:
    Growing up my cousin, Kelly, was my closest friend. When I joined the Air Force she followed me 4 years later. We were stationed together in Alaska for a few years and she introduced me to my husband, Jay. She was in my wedding and I was just in her wedding this past March. We’ve shared many adventures over the course of our lives. I cannot wait to share the adventure of motherhood with her.
    I thank God for blessing me with Kelly – she is my cousin, my confidant, my friend. I love her to pieces!!

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