See How They Sproing!

It’s my favorite time of year here at Valley House Farm, so today I’m giving you a peek inside our pastures. Our baby lambs are learning all sorts of new tricks, and they’re eager to show them off!

This clip will let you hear their sweet little voices.



And here you can see them learning to SPROING! Enjoy!



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Happy Day!



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  1. says

    Oh my goodness gracious. Aren’t they the most adorable little things! I’ve never seen a lamb with brown hair/fur/fuzz (I’m a city girl…sorry). So cute. I’ve got to gather my kiddos to watch this.

    • says

      Hi Susie, They really are So much fun. We have a “black sheep” and some with brown spots, and then all the white ones. The mother’s markings don’t necessarily match the baby’s…for example, our solid black sheep has a solid white baby, and some of our white sheep have lambs with spots. So, it’s always a surprise! It’s 1 degree here today, and they don’t even get cold. They amaze me.

  2. Melanie Backus says

    I love your babies! We have baby goats right now and they are precious. It is a good thing they don’t stay babies or I would have a pasture full.

  3. Lisa Wingate says

    Julie, I am in love! There’s nothing cuter than baby lambs… unless maybe it’s baby donkeys, which are fluffy and adorable too.

    Thanks for sharing spring on the farm with us!

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