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Rachel Hauck writes the stories she loves to read. Yankee born, she’s lived in the south most of her life.

“When I first went to Ohio State from Tallahassee, FL, I called every one ‘Sugar.’ I said things like ‘hey’ and ‘y’all.’”

Rachel spun her southern experience into stories with her first chick lit, Georgia On Her Mind. “I love writing about the south because it’s warm, and rich in traditions, food and faith.”

Partnering with her southern based publisher, Thomas Nelson, Rachel has written stories set in Nashville, the South Carolina lowcountry and eastern Tennessee.

“I hope readers of this blog find it relaxing, fun and filled with faith and community. Yankees welcome!” P.S. I’m not much of a cook. Submit recipes to me so I can post them.

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    I would like permission to use a picture that you used in an article. Would you please call me at 3217774065 or use my e-mail?

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