Practicing Medicine Without A Clue by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Hello folks, I hope your week has been a good one! I’m in the middle of an especially challenging (albeit wonderful) season. I spent jpelthe best part of last week in Houston where the beloved hubby and I were on grandparent duty with those grand boys of Texas. Our daughter and her husband were out of the country on a mission trip. Here’s a pic of them sharing the good news of Jesus in El Salvador! Did that picture make this mama tear up? Yes’m, it sure did.

Those two are back in the states safe, sound, and full of more ideas on how to make a difference in our world. More to come on that in the future. Meanwhile, my son and his wife are in the “any day now” stage of bringing grandchild number FIVE into the family. I stand amazed. I’ll be keeping the grand girls when Mommy goes to the hospital, so I’m going six ways from Sunday trying to get ahead of the work load around here.

And did I mention that my annual 30 Days of Thanksgiving Drive at All Things Southern is in full swing? That in itself brings on ten or two hundred new details. You can read all about it here. I’m excited to say that a slew of other authors joined me this year, giving me that much more to be thankful for! Two of whom are my fellow SBV belles, Rachel Hauck and Julie Cantrell! Please consider joining us. If everyone does their “$10 I’m In”, we can BE a miracle this thanksgiving season. 

Indeed, the world is spinning on my end and I imagine it is the same with you– but have no fear, friend. I have just what the southern doctor ordered. When the tension builds, a well raised belle knows just what to do.  Let me tell you a story…

Many years ago, my Papaw, the Reverend Marvin Stone, acted as a mentor to another young pastor named Brother Jerry Reed. Papaw was a great help to Brother Jerry on the ministry end, but bless his heart, the mentee had to put up with a lot of Papaw’s shenanigans.  Papaw Stone was a full time preacher with a flair for comedy.

Papaw’s been gone for many a year, but Mama and Aunt Marleta got to visit with Brother Jerry Reed recently. They couldn’t help but ask him about his sinuses.  Brother Jerry said he hadn’t had a problem with his sinuses since the day their daddy fixed him up– and that’s where this story takes a decidedly humorous and stress relieving turn.

It so happened that Brother Jerry was at Papaw’s house one afternoon when he began to complain about his sinuses. Papaw told him to sit tight, that he had just the thing— and off he went to the medicine chest to retrieve some highly effective nose drops that he himself had used months before. Only Papaw had forgotten that he’d used up all of those nose drops and refilled the bottle with his old coon dog’s mange medicine.

Yes, sir, we’re talking full strength turpentine.

Papaw instructed Brother Jerry to lay his head back on the chair. Then he took the eye dropper, and filled it up with what they both thought was super duper clean your sinuses out nose spray. They were not disappointed.

Papaw filled both of Brother Jerry’s nostrils before his poor friend could even react, but a couple seconds later, the pain paralyzed Brother Jerry saw the light. He shot off that chair and commenced to hollering, jumping, and running circles around the house. How fast was he, you ask?

Well, Papaw used to say Brother Jerry was running so fast he thought he was gonna have to snort some of that stuff up his own nose just to catch him!

Hugs, Shellie

Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is an author, speaker, and radio host of All Things Southern. She has never resorted to the magical family cure for sinus trouble. When Shellie isn’t chatting here, you can find her at


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  1. Melanie Backus says

    There is nothing like starting your day with laughter.Thank for for making this happen, Shellie. You are definitely a busy girl these days and I know your are loving every bit of it by being with your grands. Congratulations to all of you with grand #5 nearly here. I always love coming to the porch for a wonderful visit. Thank you!

  2. says

    You certainly have been a busy girl with so many great things happening. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of grand #5. I know you will all delight in this wonderful blessing!

  3. Rachel Hauck says

    ROFLOL! Shellie, that is hilarious.

    My eye doc tells me I have dry eyes and need to use drops to keep them moist. On occasion i’ve thought of eating a hot pepper to get my eyes to water a bit better on their own Though I’m pretty sure my mouth would not be happy with me!

    Great post to start the weekend.


  4. Shellie says

    I’m a crazy pepper eater myself, Rach, but I’ve never thought of it as a dry eye solution. LOL! You crack me up!

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