Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Pou Pourri?

The other day one I responded to a reader on Facebook and promptly laughed out loud at what I’d written. Granted, I’m what’s known as an easy laugh, but for me, the chuckle necessitated a follow-up post. “You know you’re from the south,” I typed, “when you respond to a reader who can’t make your book launch by saying, ‘We’ll miss you, Bubba, but thanks for sending your mama.’

The launch in question was for my upcoming release, Heart Wide Open. As a writer trying to reach readers in a world that enjoys an endless stream of new books and twenty-four seven online content you can color me grateful for that kind of support.   Sending your mama in your place is the type of loyalty that can’t be bought but where I come from, it’s typical.

My readers are also an endless supply of material. I’m blessed to speak to audiences who are natural born storytellers themselves and they’re gracious enough to share when my stories remind them of their own. I was speaking to a group of fun-loving girlfriends a while back when I shared my amusement over the news coming out of the Sochi Olympics, specifically the double toilet debut.  I’ve heard the older generations talk about two-hole outhouses, but I had learned that those Russian folks have brand spanking new ones– with nary a wall between ‘em. I suggested they may want to carry some of that handy dandy Pou Pourri Mama gave us girls a couple Christmas’ ago. Mama thought we should tote it in our purses to show consideration for others. True story.


Afterwards, one of the girls there emailed me this keeper.

Seems Misty Pearson’s great grandfather had a dairy farm in TX. He also had an outhouse he was quite proud of, seeing as it was a fancy two-holer.  In due time, her great grandfather was invited to a relative’s house who had recently gotten indoor plumbing. The city folks threw a big outside barbecue, too, but none of it impressed her great-grandfather. Upon his return he told his family that it was the darndest thing he’d ever seen.

“Those people,” he said, “were eating outside and doing their business inside!”

Y’all have a great weekend, and do tell, are you a Pou Pourri type of girl?

Hugs, Shellie

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Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is an author, speaker, and radio host known as The Belle of All Things Southern. Shellie likes to say, "The whole world stops for a story." She stacks hers up at All Things

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  1. Lisa Wingate says

    Hahaha! Shellie, you are a hoot and a half. I’m so glad Bubba sent his mama to the book event, and I’m excited to see Heart Open Wide hitting the shelves, too! It’s such a great book. Was blessed to have the chance to read it early.

    So happy it’s almost time for that book baby’s birthday!


  2. says

    Shellie, your mom bought that for y’all for Christmas one year?!!! Your mama and mine must think alike. My mom gave me a copy of a book called, “Thinner Thighs in 30 Days!” one year, and my sister got the companion volume, “Flatter Stomach in 30 Days!”. We were not thrilled.

  3. says

    HAHAHAHAH!!! Amy Hill Hearth, I adore you, and your mama! I needed that belly laugh. Do know that I share be sharing that info in a porch chat on the radio/web/newsletter/speaking eng or all of the above. I shall let you be anonymous if you’d like. :)))

  4. says

    なぜ、こんなにカラコンでトラブルを起こす人が多いのか? ノーメイクはパキスタン土人まんまだからな

    事務所から止められるほどだしねwww 決める ナチュラルカラコン
    ブログ AKBの卒メンが使えないのはボイトレをちゃんとしていないから。


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