My Favorite Recipe of All Time!

McDonald’s French fry grease and the Big Mac Sauce.

Yep. No doubt about it…

And oh, the chocolate chip cookie recipe on the Nestle Tollhouse bag. Add Reeses peanut butter chips and you’re golden!

Belles, you’ve exhausted my recipe repertoire.

I’m not a foodie. I’m not a recipe saver.

I tried. Signed into All Recipes and faithfully added the yummy looking ones to my Recipe Box.

Ain’t never looked at it.

I made an apple pie last summer and it turned into apple sauce pie cause I didn’t obey the directions and use salt-free butter.

Nevertheless, the apples, cinnamon, brown sugar in a flakey crust were still good and we ate that dang apple sauce pie.

We’re doing a bit of a Daniel Fast (grains, veggies, fruit, nuts) right now and grilled chicken sounds amazing to me.

I wish I had time to be a foodie. But it’s not what I choose to do with my free time.

Speaking of free time… Is time ever really free?

Seems I’m spending it on something or other all the time.

Today, I’m writing and each word was like pulling teeth. All 2,254 of them.

So I leave you with this fine recipe:

1. Two all beef patties

2. Special sauce. (I”m guessing it has mayonnaise and tarter in it… onion?)

3. Lettuce, cheese, pickles and dry onions.

4. Sesame seed bun with a bun in the middle… between the patties.



Rachel Hauck is a McDonald’s connoisseur and often wonders why they don’t hire her to be their spokeswoman.

Her latest book release, Once Upon A Prince, however, features a Georgia barbecue Rib Shack. YUM!

She’d rather write about food than cook it. 



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USA Today Best-selling, award-winning author Rachel Hauck loves a great story. She serves on the Executive Board for American Christian Fiction Writers and was named ACFW 2013 Mentor of the Year. She is also on staff at My Book Therapy as their book therapist. Rachel lives in Florida, where she is also a worship leader, with her husband and mini schnauzer. Her novel, The Wedding Dress, was named Romantic Times Inspirational Novel of the Year and was an Amazon #1 Best Seller. Her novel, Once Upon A Prince, nominated for a Christy Award, earned starred reviews from Booklist and Publisher’s Weekly, and hit #1 on Amazon in Christian romance. Her latest releases are A Brush With Love and How To Catch A Prince. Buying options on web site:

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  1. lisa Wingate says

    “She’d rather write about food than cook it. ” Hahahah! You made me laugh, Rachel. Happy Thursday, girlfriend!


  2. Melanie Backus says

    What a great way to start the day, Rachel, telling it like it is! Eating out certainly has its advantages….no standing in line at grocery stores, no back troubles getting the heavy grocery sacks from the car to the house…..I think you’ve got a good thing going! Have a great day!

  3. says

    You make me laugh, Rachel. Also, we are kindred spirits in this area. Look, I appreciate good food. I just tend to prefer someone else making it. Thus: my plans to either a) marry a chef or b) marry a man who can afford a chef (and if he can throw in a housekeeper, too, well then I’ll marry him on the spot today).

  4. says

    I dislike Big Macs, but I love the way you think. I used to love cooking, but it’s one thing daycare ruined for me. I absolutely love having someone cook for me. I’m too much of a picky eater to be a foodie. My son loves creating with food the way I love creating with words. If only he’d cook for his mama full time…

  5. Rachel Hauck says

    Robin, I’ve long expected that… :)

    Great minds think alike! LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by the porch!


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