Book Club Winners and Mud Fight with Nellie by Beth Webb Hart

First, Congrats to last week’s winners who commented during the MOON OVER EDISTO book club week!  They will received a free copy of the book and have been contacted via email.  Here they are:

Feb. 18th – Heather

Feb. 19 – Shyeyes

Feb. 20 – BrandiF

Feb. 21 – Velma

Feb. 22 – Jorie

My mother was the first in the little town of Cheraw, SC to have a television.  It was the mid 50’s and her mother was also the first to cook a crazy round thing called a pizza, and she was the only Mama in Cheraw who wore high heels in the kitchen.  Mama and her brother used to fight over the television which they watched rarely when their parents went to choir practice at the Episcopal Church down the street.  (My uncle liked westerns and Mama liked Father Knows Best.)

My sisters and I, on the other hand, grew up on television.  We watched too much of it, I am sure, just like we ate too much Spaghetti O’s and drank too much Coca Cola.  But, I have some very fond memories of curling up with my sibling on the couch and watching some of our favorites:  Happy Days, The Brady Bunch, Laverne and Shirley, Joanie Loves Chachi, Andy Griffith, The Waltons, Lost in Space, Fame and my all-time favorite,  Little House on the Prairie.

Little House taught me a lot about life.  And it taught me a lot about storytelling.  My favorite episodes were the courtship between Almanzo and Laura.  Ohh, how I yearned for them to be together!  Ohhh, how I longed to throw mud in Nellie Oleson’s face when she did all in her power to sabatoge their budding romance.  (Nellie was a fantastic antagonist – always good for a head-on collision with  Laura.)  Soooooo if  I could be in any one episode, it would have to be that memorable mud fight between Nellie and Laura after Nellie had lunch with Almanzo (and tricked Laura into studying for days on end for a teaching test that had nothing on it that Nellie said it did.)

I’d be Laura, of course.  And Almanzo would break up the fight, carrying me off in his open wagon as I waved bye-bye to my nemesis.

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  1. Rachel Hauck says

    BW, Nellie was another reason why I didn’t like the TV show Little House. Although she was a nasty character in the books, the actress never appealed to me. Maybe I’m showing my age!!

    But what a great scene to love if you’re a fan of the show! LOL.

    You’re right, I learned about story telling from Laura Ingalls Wilder. I yearned to be a writer all the more because of her! :)


  2. Virginia Rush says

    we all cheered Laura on!!!!!! we loved to hate Nellie “and” her mom…..the I can’t believe your talking to me up in the air nose mom!!!!! but that’s what made them great actresses, they made themselves so believable….hope in real life they were really nice. and it’s so great that Laura went on to become a grownup actress, too. but isn’t it her dad that won all our hearts with how he raised “his” girls…. sad day when we lost him in real life. But like the book, these stories will live on in reruns over and over…..

  3. says

    Oh the joy of Spaghetti O’s (especially with the meatballs) and Coca Cola. I am still a Coca Cola addict! My grands are just getting into the delicacy known as Spaghetti O’s so this is round three of enjoying those things. Although I must admit that my taste buds have changed a bit!

    This comment is just for Virginia Rush…

    My question was the following:
    ? * 8 = fifty six

    I swear I had to break out the calculator. That can be considered algebra and I just stink at math. But I do have to say it makes me laugh every time I have to answer the question!

    Trivia here…did you know that it is actually called the CAPTCHA. How do I know that you ask? Well when you don’t fill it in it nicely says please complete the CAPTCHA.

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