Move Over Mike and Carol Brady, You Got One More Kid. Me!

Fun week talking about what show from our childhood we’d want to be on. To be honest, I have several shows I’d retro back to if I could.

I Love Lucy. She wore the greatest clothes. Nuff said. And well, the comedy was fun.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I used to play Mary Tyler Moore with my friends. We turned our bedrooms into “cool” apartments like Mary’s. I loved her Minneapolis loft. She also wore really cool clothes and had great hair. I love her co-workers but her job, in retro spec seems a bit to clerical and secretarial to me. I’d want a more active producing job. And well, she dated some really nerdy, ugly guys.

The Brady Bunch. Very cool show. Great house. Fun city. Again with the cool clothes. Groovy siblings and a super sweet housekeeper. If I were to flashback to an episode of The Brady Bunch, I’d want it to be on the Davey Jones episode. Who wouldn’t want to meet him?

Really, I was always envious of Marcia and Jan’s hair. Long, thick, STRAIGHT! I had unruly wavy hair. Not even cool ringlets like Cindy.

Oh, and I guess if you could roll in some stronger morals, Friends would’ve been a good show to visit. I’d be on the show, “The One Where Everyone Finds Out.” Or “The One Where No One Is Ready.” Just a funny episode.

Wow, did I just mention Friends as a retro show? Hmmm, now I’m thinking of Andy Griffith and Mayberry. Better tune out. What Retro shows would you want to be in?


Rachel Hauck is a writer. Nuff said.


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  1. says

    I LOVED the Brady Bunch. The girl spend the night party where the boys played lots of tricks was a fun one as was the double wedding special episode! I also loved I Love Lucy and Andy Griffith. My daughter is now watching these old reruns… she’d decided they are better than the tweenish gobbly goop on much of Disney.

    Thanks for walking me down memory lane, Rachel!


  2. Rachel Hauck says

    I loved I Love Lucy, BW. I have the whole series. I need to get back to watching it. Lucy’s clothes are amazing!!

    I love Andy Griffith too.


  3. Lisa wingate says

    I would’ve definitely been on The Brady Bunch! We used to “play’ Brady Bunch whenever we got the chance… and yes, I envied Marsha’s hair, too! My dad was a huge fan of Mary Tyler Moore–in fact, I hunted down a DVD and gave it to him for Christmas. A little blast from the past.

    Ack! I can’t think of Friends as a retro show yet =D

    Happy Thursday, Rachel!


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