Mental Vacation by Beth Webb Hart

This week we’re imagining being in a different place.  We’re closing our eyes and conjuring up an image of just where our getaway would be, andLe-Meridien-Bora-Bora-Resort-1 if we stare at the image long enough, we find that we might hear the waves lapping against the pilings of the bungalow, feel the cool water as we descend the stairs, and taste the salt on our lip as we ascend after a soft dive into the byzantine blue. 

We’ve probably all seen these images of a luxury resort in Bora Bora.  My daughter and I have an ongoing joke which started with a line in the movie, Parent Trap, about these picturesque bungalows and how much we’d like to inhabit one.  Whenever my husband talks about where we might go for a vacation, we always raise our eyebrows and announce, “Bora Bora?” to which he replies, “One of these days, Girls.”

2013-08-31 15.42.52 (2)As for now, we’re satisfied with a trip to our favorite place on earth, Edisto Island.  Here we are Labor Day weekend on our way to feast on fresh fried shrimp and oysters at Capt. Jimmy’s.   The good news is that my daughter and I both spend a good portion of our week writing fiction, so we can escape to Bora Bora virtually anytime we’d like.

What about you?  If you could take a mental vacation anywhere on earth, where would it be?

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  1. Julie Cantrell says

    Funny…we were JUST talking about that idealistic vacation to Bora Bora. I wonder if we’d all be disappointed to get there and realize it’s just a few huts in a tourist trap that has been the key to some brilliant marketing by the resort owner. Well…either way…it’s nice to dream…and I like your hubby’s answer. One day! Here’s to a Southern Belle retreat to Bora Bora!!!

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