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Lisa Wingate lives on a ranch in Texas, where she spoils the livestock, raises boys, and teaches Sunday school to high school seniors. She was inspired to become a writer by a first grade teacher who said she expected to see Lisa’s name in a magazine one day.
Lisa also entertained childhood dreams of being an Olympic gymnast and winning the National Finals Rodeo, but was stalled by the inability to do a back flip on the balance beam and parents who wouldn’t finance a rodeo career. She was lucky enough to marry into a big family of cowboys and southern storytellers who would inspire any lover of tall tales and fun characters. She is a full time writer, bestselling author of sixteen novels, and writes inspirational fiction for both a general market publisher and a Christian publisher. Of all the things she loves about her job, she loves connecting with people, both real and imaginary, the most.

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    I often tell people that I’m “much better on paper than in person.” Though my closest friends don’t agree, I’ve often found that the easiest way to put my best foot forward is by first sharing a thought or feeling through a personal note. This way I’m assured to hit my target and explain things in a way that’s easy to understand. I don’t have to fight against others to be heard. I make myself clear without being pushing. Most importantly, I get the chance for as many “do overs” as needed to make my message exactly as I intended it.

    Some of my closest friendships began with sharing a book. Whether these relationships began with childhood and Laura Ingalls Wilder, junior high’s love affair with Janice Holt Giles, Grace Metalious, and of course, Margaret Mitchell, my forty year worship of To Kill a Mockingbird, or the MFA program which brought friends to supply a reading list for the rest of my life, all of my book-swapping friends are soul mates of some kind.

    In the past decade, I’ve begun a collection of thank you letters to a hundred or more southern authors, praising their art forms as well as their influences on myself and so many others. Though these authors are not personal “friends,” they are literary angels who have guided me to numerous friendships with both real people and fictional characters. They are both my mentors and my muses. THEY make it all happen.

    This year I will publish my first novel. I am frightened, excited, insane–and my biggest dream is to inspire others in the ways that my “angels” have inspired me.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share this idea. I have enjoyed many Lisa Wingate books, and I look forward to a plethora of new relationships connected to her work!

  2. says

    Lisa sounds like a versatile and talented lady. I sure can relate to the people angle and sharing life’s realities through imaginary people. I either usually have a book or a pen in my hand.

  3. says

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  4. Hazel Lovshe says

    Ever since I read your first book “Tending Roses” I have been intrigued with you. I treasure reading your books almost as much as the Bible. I just get so much out of reading your stories about people and their problems and how they deal with the situations they get themselves in. These are real life problems. I cry when I read your books.
    I’m so glad you are fulfilling your childhood dream of writing. You truly have a gift from God. Your stories are so down to earth and your characters are so real. your words seem to be my own thoughts.I just finished reading “Good Hope Road” for the 2nd time. I live in St Louis, Mo and we have been having a lot of tornadoes lately.
    I am so glad to have discovered your books and and am looking forward with much anticipation to more reading from you.
    P.S. I tell everyone I know who likes to read about your books.

  5. Lisa Wingate says

    Thank you! You are all such a blessing. These journeys would only be half the joy without wonderful people to share them with. We all know the adventures get better in the retelling.

    Many blessings to all of you in your lives, writing, and work. May blessings flow into you and flow from you always!


  6. says

    As a newly e-published southern author, I was excited when a friend introduced me to your website this week. My e-published novella is a Christian novel for preteen girls. Currently I am writing a full length novel about some of the mother/daughter issues we struggle with inspite of being Christian women. I have also e-published under the penname Abigail C. Spaniel about my daughter’s pound-rescued epilepsy service dog.

    I believe your website and following your blogs will serve as great sources of encouragement. On those days when we novice authors wonder if we can possibly get the ideas which are in our heads to come out in the written word and when we doubt if anyone will bother to read what we’ve composed anyway, you five ladies will serve as silent cheerleaders reminding us that indeed we can do it!

    Thank you for your hard work, your books and for your unity.

  7. Pat says

    I have just finished reading your book “The Prayer Box’ and I know it asked me to read it for a reason. I was looking through the new releases section of the library and this one called to me. My 53 year old younger brother could not take any more of life’s problems and killed himself in May this year. I have been working though the process of healing any your book has helped me tremendously.

    Something you said in the note from the author resonated deeply into my soul. You said that trust is letting go of the worry…it is the way of peace and the way of God! And I too am people like you who are worriers. My brother was also a worrier and basically worried himself to death.

    I am looking for ways to let go of some of my worries and to trust that there is a master plan for all of our lives.

    I have printed your directions for making a prayer box for myself and am thinking about making one for my brother’s widow and attaching a copy of your book instead of the letter. After reading the book she will understand the importance of the box.

    I wanted you to know that you have made a difference in a reader’s life and the ripple effect will continue as I share this idea and your book with others.

    Thank you and God bless your journey -Pat Huepenbecker

  8. says

    I just finished reading DANDELION SUMMER. What a delightful book and one that held my interest like not many books do. It was hard to lay it down, the mystery and intrigue kept me reading later than I should have. The Christian morals in the book are something that everyone should be reminded of. What a talented lady you are.

  9. says

    Hello Lisa,
    I just had the privilege of reading Larkspur Cove, a story so well written. The characters became people I felt I knew and had developed a friendship with them. Having been a single mom of a son and daughter, I identified with the tangle of emotions Andrea confronted. As a Christian, wanting the best for my children, I found myself being overly protective at times. I felt my children had experienced enough hurt and fear over the divorce of their parents and I did not want them to suffer any more, if I could keep it from happening. God surrounded me with a wonderful support system with my parents, my brothers and their families, and my church. Thankfully, I had a profession to fall back on for financial support which many women are not as fortunate to have. As Andrea, I learned through the experiences of life that came my way, to release my tightly held control over my children and myself. I learned to have a stronger faith in God and know he was totally in control and I could relax in His arms for the comfort and guidance I needed.
    Thank you, Lisa, for your sensitivity to a subject that carries so many hurts for everyone that is involved. May God bless you richly as you continue to write the informative and encouraging messages he gives you.

  10. says

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  11. Gayle McCorkle says

    Your post on SouthernBelleView on Monday, Jan 13 is marvelous. I raised and homeschooled 4 boys, and I laughed out loud at your bathroom descriptions. It can
    certainly be frustrating. What a beautiful way to live and love unconditionally your friend has shared with us. Such a simple act can bless everyones life. Do unto others…..
    Thank you for sharing those thoughts and truths with us with such a meaningful post.

  12. Nancy E Chenot says

    I just finished your book “The Prayer Box” and would like the information on preparing boxes for my grandchildren and would like all the information I can on making and explaining them, not just for my gc but other friends. I received your wonderful book for Christmas, loved it and plan on acquiring your other books. God bless you for the lives that you are touching.

    Nancy E. Chenot
    5525 Alcorn Ave. Apt 314
    Louisville, Oh 44641

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