Lasting Impressions of 2012 (from Lisa Wingate)

Happy new year everyone! Well… we’re almost there, aren’t we? Contrary to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world did not come on December 21 of 2012. It looks like 2013 will have its day after all.

Before diving in to all that lies ahead, it seems like a good time to look back at the year in review. Beth posed an an interesting question to us this week. What’s one thing that happened this year, good to bad, that left a lasting impression?

That’s a tough question to answer. One thing? Just one?

There have been so many.

One of the experiences that left a lasting impression on me this year was a working trip last spring to North Carolina’s amazing Outer Banks.  So many things about that trip created lasting memories.  My mother went along, and gal pal, Teresa Loman met up with us there. Together, we researched, photographed, discovered the Outer Banks’ hidden places and little-known treasures, and enjoyed a little time away from the world. The Outer Banks in the off-season is beautiful, quiet, unspoiled. So many of the days there, ours were the only footprints on the beach for as far as we could see.  Miles of sand and water, and not another living soul.  Magic.  Peace.  Beauty.  Majesty.

Other than the sheer beauty of the place, the history and the resilience of the people remained with me. We had come expecting to find an area struggling to recover from the effects of a devastating hurricane the previous fall, but what we found was a people accustomed to helping each other to pick up, and dig out, and move on. Over the course of the winter, the stalwart natives of the Outer Banks, many descendants themselves of strong men and women who forged an uncertain living by the sea, had made ready to open for business and welcome the tourists of a new season.

And then, this fall, another hurricane.  Sandy.  Sudden, unexpected.  Another brutal hit.  Once again, the Outer Banks is digging out, nailing back together, and rebuilding. It’s hard to imagine the magnitude of the struggle, the uncertainty of life lived on a sandbar, where the tides constantly shift, but there is a lesson in these people, in this place.

With all the difficulty, the storms, and the challenges, the people remain.  They rise again, time after time.

They’re the embodiment of a proverb that’s worth remembering, no matter what shape our storms may take, no matter what our struggles may be.

Fall down nine times, get up ten.

The inscription on this memorial statue on Roanoke Island speaks to those working to recover from Hurricane Sandy, and any of us struggling to rise from the storms of life.  It reads:


A memorial

For all to remember

That with the help of God


A dedicated people

We can still build from the ruins



In the end, life is not about how we fall, but how we rise.



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Digital graphics by Teresa Loman

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  1. says

    The test is in how we rise. So true and beautifully expressed, Lisa. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. That’s a promise I cling to in those knock down moments. Thanks for reminding me today and bringing to mind all of those who live on life’s edge, living in a constant state of digging out. In the end, that is all of us until that great day when the story reaches its climax, isn’t it? Wishing everyone on the porch a blessed 2013! Much Love, Beth Webb

  2. Sharon says

    Beautiful place, the Outer Banks. You’re so right about the resiliant people there. It must be so difficult to live though the storms and come out on the other side. I love your thoughts on this and especially the inspirational quote from the memorial marker. Thanks for a great start to a New Year’s Eve Day, Lisa!

  3. Lisa Wingate says

    Happy New Year’s Eve, Beth and Sharon!

    Thank you for the sweet words! Beth, you’re so right. The light overcomes the darkness, and it is always a struggle between the two while we’re here. Thank you for the reminder!

  4. says

    “In the end, life is not about how we fall, but how we rise.” Truth, indeed, Lisa! Enjoyed hearing about your time in the Outer Banks! May we keep your wise words in mind as we head into the New Year.

  5. Rachel Hauck says

    Lisa, what a beautiful reminder to keep getting up! I love the shots of the outer banks! I need to get up there.

    I think we don’t realize how strong we are until we endure life’s storms. Then we realize God’s grace is there, and we can go on.

    Happy New Year,

  6. admin says

    i love that you bring your mom with you on these special trips. y’all have such a beautiful relationship. blessings, j

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