It Started With A Text

Rachel Hauck, royals, Prince George, Once Upon A Prince A couple of  months ago during a tex with my sister, I wrote, “Want to meet for lunch at McDonalds?”


“Okay, great? When?”

We exchanged a few LOLs because she lives in southern Indiana.

I live in central Florida.

“You drive eight hours, I’ll drive eight hours and we’ll meet in the middle.”


Next text from her, about an hour later?

“Does October 25th work for you?”

So, the last weekend in October we met in Atlanta for lunch at McDonald’s. She drove with her two daughters and my mom.

I flew. Come on! :) Some concesssions had to be made.

See, McDonalds has a history with my family.

We like McDonalds.

My older brother and I worked there in the ’70s.

It’s the place we stop on long road trips for potty breaks and Diet Coke.

As kids, the birthday person got McDonalds while everyone else had to eat Mom’s pseudo Micky Dee’s burger and fries.

When I traveled around the world in the ’80s, I tried to hit McDonald’s as a way of touching “home base.”

Venezuela. Guatemala. Spain. Australia. Mexico.

On those long trips away from home, McDonalds was my touch of family. Touch of home.

Saturday was our big McDonald’s day.

My nieces were less than thrilled. Why? They ate McDonald’s on the way down.

Note to sister….

But we had our McDonalds. Our fun. Our fellowship. Our whacky weekend.

It was a lot of money but we have another McDonald’s memory.

And we’ll make more.

What about you? Do you have a family memory associated with a restaurant or place?


Rachel Hauck, Once Upon A Prince, royal wedding seriesRachel Hauck, who will eat McDonalds this Saturday for her birthday, is a bestselling, award winning author who lives in sunny central Florida with her husband and their little dog too.

She was recently named American Christian Fiction Writers Mentor of the Year.

Visit her web site at here


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  1. says

    What a sweet photo of you and your sister, Rachel! Great that you took the time to get together.

    My brother owns a restaurant, so in our family, he’s our “food” association. We love going to visit him in Mena, AR and chowing down. Yum! Nothing better than food and family all in one place!

  2. says

    Rachel, I enjoyed seeing you and your sissy today. Y’all definitely favor! It need not be a five star restaurant to leave diners with the warm afterglow of fellowship, yes? My grand girls love our local coffee shop and the grand boys of Houston are all about Chick Filet! Hence, they’ve become two of my fav establishments.

  3. Rachel Hauck says

    Lisa, now that is cool. A brother with a restaurant!

    Shellie, my sister-in-law LOVES Chick-Fil-A! She goes daily!


  4. Julie says

    Nothing more special than a sibling relationship. Love that you and your sister make it a priority to connect. Sweet story.

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