images2CDPA346Have you ever had hives? I’ve got my first case of this horrific allergic reaction, so I’m keeping this blog post very brief and wishing this never happens to any of you sweet souls who are joining us on the porch today.

What do hives feel like? Well, imagine poison ivy covering your entire body. Now, imagine you have no idea what has caused the hives and they won’t stop until you can identify the allergen.

Somewhere in my universe there is a particular food, medicine, plant, or chemical that has caused my body to react as if it needs to attack this specific enemy. Problem is…I have no clue what that enemy is. So, until I can solve the puzzle and eliminate the trigger, my hives may continue. YIKES!

I think the doctor should prescribe a spa treatment, don’t you? Until then, I’m trying not to scratch (not working) and trying to ignore the itch (not working) and trying not to complain (not working).

The good news is (you know, I always prefer to focus on the good news)…

  1. They are not contagious so no one I love will have to suffer, and I can still enjoy hugs.
  2. They don’t cause any other symptoms, so no fever, illness, etc. Just itchy.
  3. They won’t last forever, so I’m closer to the end with every passing moment. (Hooray!)

Here’s to a wonderful Wednesday. Hopefully next time you hear from me, I’ll be hives-free and happy as can be. If any of you have any solutions or ways to alleviate the itch, I’m all ears!



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Julie Cantrell

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Julie Cantrell is a tree-hugging organic-farm girl and mother of two who happened into a mid-life adventure as a novelist. She's having fun parenting, writing, teaching, speaking, and living the dream.

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    • Julie Cantrell says

      Hmmm…maybe the laundry soap…good idea. Hard to believe a simple thing like a new scent of Tide could cause this kind of reaction, but the chemicals they put in things do terrify me. Could very likely be something like that. Time to switch back to the chemical/dye free kind. So much for using my coupons :)

  1. Melanie Backus says

    Bless your heart! I have heard of oatmeal scrubs for itching but have never tried it. I guess if you get really desperate, grab the oats! Hope those lousy hives leave soon.

    • Julie Cantrell says

      I hear of oatmeal baths…I might try that tonight. It’s already SO much better than last night, so I’ve been kind of scared to touch/eat/breathe anything out of fear that it may reignite the attack. I do NOT want that to happen again.

    • Julie Cantrell says

      Jolina, WEEKS???? please tell me this won’t last for weeks. What causes Randy’s hives? Has he found any solution? This is awful stuff! The doctor gave me some kind of med to take last night that was supposed to help with itching and help me sleep. It had the opposite effect. I was WIRED and itching beyond sanity. LONG night. Today, thank goodness, that medication wore off and I’ve been enjoying a lazy benedryl stupor but I can’t function like this for long. It makes me too sleepy. I sure hope Randy feels better and hope no one ever has this experience. Not fun.

  2. Lisa Wingate says


    I really hope you’re feeling better by now. This cream is helpful for anything skin or muscle related. Our local Ace Hardware stores sell it:

    Tumeric and ginger (capsules from the health food store) are a powerful anti-inflammatory and old home remedy.

    Feel better ;(

  3. says

    Prayers for wisdom, Julie– hope you find answers soon. I know the others mentioned Benadryl and medicinal oatmeal baths and I heartily concur with both suggestions. Not blowing southern smoke when I say, “Bless your heart!”

  4. Julie Cantrell says

    Thanks, Britney! I’m happy to report I’m MUCH better today…and gladly out of the Benedryl haze. Here’s hoping no one ever suffers from Hives. It’s no fun at all 😉

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