Gone Fishin’ by Beth Webb Hart

This belle is gone fishin’ this week. I’m taking a little time off from the blogosphere to be with family and friends. I hope everyone on the porch had an immensely blessed Christmas, and I look forward to connecting with you all next week. Abundant blessings this holiday and Happy New Year!

For more info. on Beth Webb Hart and her novels go to www.bethwebbhart.com

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  1. Sharon says

    Have fun fishing, Beth. I guess you'll take down Christmas decorations when you get home. I'm off to visit my son and family today, so I took down most of the decorations yesterday.

  2. Sandy Nawrot says

    I just took four days off from the blog to hang out with my family too. And I love to fish. That is something that my dad taught me when I was young and the hobby has carried through to my adulthood and to my kids!

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