Favorite Holiday Movies

Are you like me? A fan of holiday movies and TV shows?

I’m a sucker for anything Christmas.

One year, a friend and I watched every Christmas episode of Frasier.

My husband and I don’t have TV in the traditional sense, so a few years ago I started buying Christmas movies to feed my fix.

Rachel HauckThen we got Netflix and Amazon on our Blue Ray player so I could easily peruse the old Hallmark and Lifetime movies.

We open every Christmas season with The Holiday, starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet.

Or, Christmas with the Kranks. Another great movie. The ending is so good.

Then we move to some of the older movies like Christmas in Connecticut.

We are big fans of White Christmas and Holiday Inn. Did you know Bing Crosby first sang White Christmas in the movie Holiday Inn?

Another tidbit — Bing is about thirty years older than Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas.

Last year hubby and I watched all three Tim Allen’s Santa Claus movies. We really loved those.

My favorite movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, is saved and savored for Christmas Eve.

That tradition started a few years ago when we did have TV. We came home from the Christmas Eve service to find It’s A Wonderful Life playing on NBC. It was so lovely to end the evening with such an edifying movie.

Have any of you seen the remake of It’s A Wonderful Life with Marlo Thomas as Mary Bailey, the proprietor of Bailey Building and Loan. Wayne Rogers plays the supportive George. It’s a good role reversal film, conveying the same hearty message.

Of course, there’s A Christmas Carol and Charlie Brown Christmas.

I love A Christmas Story… “far-gee-ley.”

Then there are the quasi-Christmas movies like Sleepless In Seattle, While You Were Sleeping and Meet Me In St. Louis. I’ve watched two of those.

Hubby likes Elf. I watched it for the first time a few years ago and think it’ll make it to the watch every year list.

Polar Express is a favorite. I’m logging it as a Christmas Eve must watch.

Of course there are all the half hour animated shows: Grinch, The Year Without Santa Claus, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Frosty, but not my favorite.

What about you? What are some of your favorite Christmas movies or shows? The ones you can’t miss? Any traditions you’d like to share?


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  1. Lisa Wingate says

    G’mrornin’ Rachel! I love Christmas movies. I remember waiting every year (before video tapes) for the Charlie Brown special, Rudolph, and The Grinch to come on. It was a popcorn popping, hot chocolate making night. It always felt like the beginning of the Christmas season.

    Our favorite as a family is A Christmas Story. We watch it every year after decorating the tree. Over the years, that ritual has included many different guests. Good times. Great memories!

  2. Rachel Hauck says

    Lisa, totally!!! I’d be so sad if I missed on. And the Andy Williams Special or the Bing Crosby Special. I was soooo there. Loved those shows. I miss them!


  3. Melanie Backus says

    Every year, watching the Christmas specials, was always so wonderful. We just didn’t miss Andy Williams, Perry Como,….the list is long and I miss specials like those. When Hallmark starts airing their Christmas movies, I am there. They have some of the best!

    • Rachel Hauck says

      Oh Melanie, I loved the specials as a kid — Jackie Gleason, Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, et al.

      I love watching those Hallmark movies on Netflix.


  4. says

    What a fun post, Rachel! You have given me some movies to add to our list. We enjoy all the classics; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is one of our favorites. The more recent Prep and Landing is also a family favorite!

  5. says

    My husband and I watched Elf together the first Christmas we were dating, so it has a special place in my holiday movie list. And I just BAWL my head off whenever I watch It’s A Wonderful Life. Zuzu’s petals just break my heart!

    • Rachel Hauck says

      Yea, Jolina, It’s A Wonderful Life is such a great movie.

      I’m feeling old if Elf was a movie you watched with your hubby when you were DATING! LOL.


  6. Shellie says

    Oohhhh, I love this thread. New movies mentioned here for us to discover. As for this house, It’s a Wonderful Life is a must. :)

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