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when mountains moveHappy Wednesday, Porch Pals. As you’ve heard, I’m swinging in from a fabulous Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend and catching up from my days away from home, so let’s keep this short and simple today. In fact, let’s just have some fun and give you all a treat.

If you’ve got a Kindle…today’s your day to download When Mountains Move for only 2.99!

Happy Reading!


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Julie Cantrell

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author at Harper Collins Christian
Julie Cantrell is a tree-hugging organic-farm girl and mother of two who happened into a mid-life adventure as a novelist. She's having fun parenting, writing, teaching, speaking, and living the dream.

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  1. Lisa Wingate says

    I missed yesterday on the porch (fortunately I already have the book) but it was sure nice to see you at Pulpwood Queens over the weekend, Julie. Hugs!

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