Christmas Memories, 2011 "The Wonder of It All"

About two and one half years ago our daughter went into labor, seven hours away. Her dad and I hit the road quickly when the much anticipated phone call came announcing the barest hint of the big event. Jessica Ann has never been one to fiddle-faddle around and she was true to form that night. We were less than an hour away when our son-in-law called to let us speak to Jessica via speaker phone in the delivery room, moments before Grant Thomas made his entrance. After we hung up, silence fell in the car. Phil reached for my hand as we checked off the last miles with tears streaming down my face. We were missing it. The kids, for that’s what the new parents still seemed like to us, would experience the miracle alone, the two of them becoming three.

Early this Christmas season found me crying yet again as Jessica and Patrick welcomed a second son into their family, although this time the tears fell for an altogether different reason. Not only were we present, but in a surprise gesture we hadn’t expected or requested Jessica invited us to stay in the room for the actual birth— at a discreet position behind her head. Together we watched transfixed as Baby Connor came into the world before our very eyes. Three weeks later, I’m still processing that heart stopping moment. I’m determined not to lose the wonder of it all. Holding an infant baby boy at Christmas time is a priceless experience, but life has taught me just how easy it is to become desensitized to the miracles around us.

It has been a wonderful Christmas season for this family. We’ve enjoyed joining with family and friends to celebrate the birth of Christ, God in the form of a baby, born to reconcile the world to Himself. As we close out this year and welcome the next, I invite you to join me a fresh commitment to marvel at that majesty every day of our lives. See, much like I’ve determined to remember the wonder of Connor’s birth, I believe a simple yet conscious determination to adore Christ daily can go a long way towards keeping us from the unintentional but dreadful negligence of taking His Presence for granted. May we never lose the wonder of it all. My hugs and His Great Blessings!

Happy New Year!
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  1. Lisa Wingate says

    Aww… Shellie, what a sweet moment to come back to after a couple days away from the porch! congratulations on the arrival of Baby Conner. That must have been such a sweet "Grandma" moment. What a blessing!

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