Choosing Peace

Laptops have a difficult time digesting coffee. That would be the voice of experience speaking.

ecMy dearly departed laptop popped, snapped, crackled and powered down for the last time this past weekend. I was at a retreat in Hawkins, TX when some poor soul accidentally offered it a huge cup of java. Mind you, this was just as I was about to bring a devotional from Heart Wide Open entitled, “We Are Always On Our Minds.” I had to carry on, not knowing if the data in my door knob dead computer was recoverable or gone for good. (Tell me Father doesn’t have a sense of humor!)

The good news is my computer guy was able to harvest what my Papa would call “the innards”.  The replacement has been ordered. I will eventually get all of my programs installed and I’ll be back up and running. I know this. It’s just the interim that’s dicey. Right now, I’m limping along on my husband’s aged machine and we’ll just say it has issues of it’s own.  weston

On the other hand, my house is full of baby belles and beaus eager to get into what will be our Tomlinson Christmas celebration. These wee ones are clueless about what kind of computer problems Keggie may or may not be having. And that’s just exactly how it should be.

As I write these words to y’all, I’m choosing peace, not only about my laptop but concerning a host of other
circumstances involving people I care deeply about who are facing mountains that dwarf my computer crisis.

I’m choosing peace because I don’t want to miss a nano second of joy.

ecI’m choosing peace because I know it gives Grace room to maneuver.

Perhaps you’ve got a few things threatening your Christmas peace. If so, would you allow me to remind you that choosing peace is rarely a once and done decision, at least for me. But do choose it as often as you need to, and then choose Him again. The dividends are worth the effort!

And now–back to the lovely chaos of five grands under five!

Merry Christmas Hugs,


 Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is an author, speaker, and radio host known as The Belle of All Things Southern. You’re invited to visit her at



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  1. Melanie Backus says

    Shellie, my girl, I love your humor and outlook on things. I need to choose peace through the chaos and I thank you for what you wrote. So glad the innards will survive. A girl has to have a laptop with innards! Your grands are beautiful and I know Christmas will be wonderful in the House of T. Merry Christmas!

  2. says

    Miss A dropped my laptop on its side, and it cracked open. Sometimes it shuts down randomly when I move it. I know that feeling of choosing peace! Thanks for the sweet reminder. Have a great weekend with your grandbabies! :)

  3. Rachel Hauck says

    Shellie, good post. Sorry about about your computer. But you are so right! Choose peace so you can enJOY the season. Your grands are gorgeous!!


  4. admin says

    Oh, amen, Sister. God bless you and that poor, dead laptop. Enjoy those grandbabies. They’re so much better than a laptop anyway. Hugs, Shellie!

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