Celebrating Julie Cantrell’s novel, WHEN MOUNTAINS MOVE, by Beth Webb Hart

A young bride who has suffered horrible abuses is carrying a secret that could destroy her new marriage and her hope for her future.  That is how Julie Cantrell’s powerful new novel, WHEN MOUNTAINS MOVE, opens. Rachel Hauck

In this story, which stands alone, we meet Millie (From Julie’s best-selling, award-winning first novel, INTO THE FREE) once again. This time, Millie has a big mountain between her and her new husband.  Secrets, lies and a friend who may very well be an enemy, threaten to destroy this sweet, new union.

However, where there is love there is hope.  And where there is faith, even mountains can move.

Don’t miss Millie’s beautiful journey in the wilds of the Colorado Rockies in the spring of 1943.  It will cut right to your heart, and give you plenty to ponder about intimacy, marriage, faith and devotion.

Finally, this is an ideal book club choice.   The questions for groups that come in the back of the book are some of the best I’ve ever read.  Get discussing Millie’s story with your friends!

————————————————————————————————————— In honor of When Mountains Move, Julie has a special giveaway for us this week: As a special treat, I’ve got an authentic Choctaw choctawMedbagmedicine bag up for grabs. It was made by artisans with the Mississippi Band of Choctaw. Some of you may wonder what a medicine bag is exactly. Many of my Choctaw friends wear a bag around their neck, beneath their shirts. They wear this every day, usually concealed from the general public. Each person’s bag holds a private collection of special items, and no one tells anyone else what is in his/her own bag. Items enclosed may include a snippet of hair from a loved one, a rock or small stick from a special, sacred place, protective herbs, etc. If you’d like to enter the drawing to receive your very own Choctaw medicine bag, please comment below including your email address so I can be sure to contact the winner. Your medicine bag will come with no contents, and I encourage you to find a few special tokens to put in your bag. Special symbols that show what is important to you…something to represent your faith, your family, your friends, and yourself. As the Choctaw say, Yakokih! ———————————————————————————————————————– – See more at: http://www.southernbelleviewdaily.com

For more info. on Beth Webb Hart and her novels go to www.bethwebbhart.com

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  1. says

    Good afternoon, Ms. BW! :)

    When Mountains Move is set during an era that I am most willing to enter more times than naught, as the World Wars presented such a tapestry of hard earned support and love of neighbours, communities, and individuals. It was a time, during which everyone felt inter-connected, and in order to be sustained during that blight of time, banded together with astonishing innumerable degrees!

    I appreciate the short teaser, a whetting of one’s appetite, of which their eyes will soon sink into as the narrative unfolds! A continuation of a story, that I have yet to read, and one that feels as intriguing as the first! I love when writers can tap back into their character’s lives, carry-on through their next transitions, and give their readers a chance to see what came to pass after they last had seen them! Its a special gift for sure, and one I am glad to have found in Ms. Cantrell’s writings!

    As foresaid yesterday, I have a very deep appreciation for Native Americans and would be delighted to be a winner of this kind offering of a gift that takes on new meaning to the one who owns it! I find it fascinating how many Native Tribes are still within the Southeast, and how agreeable they are to depart their traditions and knowledge therein! I always was impressed with their gentleness in telling stories, and of depicting fragments of these in their artwork, artisan works, and cultural heritage artifacts!

    As I had forgotten to give a proper shout-out: Many congratulations to you, Ms. Cantrell! I still remember when this book was still winging its way towards this end-goal of release! How light your heart must feel to see it jettison out into the world, and alighting into people’s minds!! Blessings of Light to you this week!


  2. Shellie says

    BW, I’m treating myself to this novel tonight– and I don’t care what has to fall by the wayside to do it. :)) Looking forward to it already but you and Lisa have stirred the pot even more!

  3. Melanie Backus says

    When Mountains Move is a continuation of strength, courage and determination that came from Into The Free. Julie Cantrell is a wonderful writer and a wonderful person. It is such a pleasure to come to the porch and visit with such gifted and talented women. Thank you!

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