Big Irish Trivia St Patrick’s Week Giveaway!

Lisa-Wingate-porchpicthumb65-1Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Everyone! Since I’m Irish on my mother’s side and one of the main characters in Wildwood Creek, Bonnie Rose, is Irish, I couldn’t resist gathering up a few author friends and celebrating with a big luck-of-the-Irish giveaway to the porch this week. I’ve asked awesome authors Judy Christie, Carla Stewart, Melissa Tagg, and Lisa Carter to give us a little “Irish trivia” from their lives, and just for fun, here’s a little Irish trivia quiz, so you can test your inner Irish, too!

border02Irish Trivia Quiz

1. According to Irish folklore, when a leprechaun isn’t guarding his pot of gold, what does he do for a living?
2. Why do Irish bakers slash a cross over loaves of bread before putting them in the oven?
3. When do smart Irish farmers sow potatoes?
4. Who wrote the song, Danny Boy?
5. What is an Irish housewife’s favorite day of the year?
6. Who should be asleep before you begin knitting at night?
7. What does an unmarried Irish girl traditionally do to dream of her future husband?
8. What were the Lucky Charms leprechaun’s two famous lines?
9. What is the meaning of “Erin go bragh?”
10. When you kiss the blarney stone, what gift are you hoping to receive?
border02Quiz Answers:

1. Leprechauns are cobblers, or shoemakers
2. To chase away the devil
3. On Good Friday. According to Irish folklore, this is the luckiest day to plant.
4. The lyrics were written by an English lawyer named Fred Weatherly to a traditional tune.
5. ‘Nollaig na mBan’?, or “Little women’s Christmas” on January 6th, when men take over the housework for the day.
6. The sheep! It’s bad luck, otherwise.
7. Place a slice of wedding cake under her pillow.
8. “They’re always after ‘me Lucky Charms.” and “They’re magically delicious.”
9. In Gaelic, it means “Ireland forever”
10. The “gift of gab.”

Author Irish Trivia with:


1. What’s your favorite green thing?

Me: Green was my kids’ high school color, so my favorite green thing was always a sweaty, happy man-child running off the football field, the baseball field, the soccer field.  We’ve had years, and years, and years of green around here!

Judy Christie:  All of my favorite things are green, including my green kitchen couch where I read, write, blog, visit.  I wrote a series of five southern novels set in the fictional Louisiana town of Green. I have a green typewriter and a big green bookcase in my office. I also have a great green primitive bench I bought at a garage sale while jogging in New Orleans on vacation (try to explain that one to your husband when you ask him to pick it up). I buy green pottery with lots of character (that means chipped and cheap) and have a small collection of rusty old green clocks to remind me to hurry less and worry less.

Carla Stewart: My favorite green thing is a sweater that my sister gave me—a hand-me-down that she bought at one of those discount stores where they cut the labels out. She no longer wore and never really liked it, but I love it! Every time I wear it, I think that one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure! Happy St. Paddy’s day. Hope you all find something you treasure today.

2. If you were down to your last potato, how would you cook it?

Me: In my grandmother’s Irish potato soup, of course! It stretches a potato a long way!

Lisa Carter: Because I’m Southern, I’d fry my potatoes. It’s what we do. My favorite fries come from the NC State Fair. Just the smell of grease and fried anything transports me to fun October fair days. :)

Judy Christie: I’m a Louisiana rice woman married to a Tennessee potato man, but we both agree that my sister-in-law’s cheese potatoes are the best food ever. At Thanksgiving you could mess up the turkey and dressing but not the cheese potatoes.

3. If you found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, what would you do with it?

Me: Assuming I could outrun the leprechaun, I’d buy a writer’s cabin in the mountains and a writer’s cabin on the beach. Since there would still be plenty of gold left, I’d start some sort of foundation to encourage the next generation of writers.

Judy Christie: If I found the pot of gold, I’d pack my bags and head to Ireland with my husband and some other folks. Want to come?

Melissa Tagg: Well, first I’d probably take a photo with it and post it on Facebook because, well, that’s just what we do these days! Then I’d go to a bank or something to make sure the gold is legit. :) Then I’d put the money to good use: share it with family, buy a pretty house in a pretty place, take a European vacation, all that fun stuff… :)




TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY, leave a comment below, telling us about something you feel “lucky” to have in your life!

Contest will be open all week, and winner will be announced on BelleView on Saturday. Please leave an email address in your comment so we can contact you if you win!

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  1. Alyssa H says

    I feel “lucky” to have my two younger brothers. Even though we still squabble sometimes, they are there when I need them, and they have helped me out when I get myself in a pickle.

  2. Mae says

    I have a loving mom,great husband and fantastic boys. Most of all so far I have good health which is more than most of my family can say.

  3. Brooks L says

    I feel lucky (can I say blessed instead? I really am blessed!) to have been born in an era of great invention, convenience, and modern medicine. I don’t want to imagine living even 100 years ago!

  4. Katrina says

    I feel very lucky to have my salvation first and foremost, but I am also lucky that I have my family. I think most everyone will agree with me. Now Christy if you find that pot of gold and head to Ireland, I’ll go with you. A visit to Ireland is on my bucket

  5. says

    I’m lucky/blessed to have a 11 month old adopted grandson, and his biological sister will be born in May and she will be a part of our family too. We never thought we’d have grandkids, then God blessed my kids with adoption.

  6. says

    Good morning! Thanks, Lisa, for the invitation to the porch – what an honor to be here with all you Irish-lovin’, book-lovin’ leprechauns!What a fun trivia quiz you’ve put together, Lisa. For me, I’m lucky to be able to write books and meet so many wonderful readers. And you all are right. Family, God, and people are the greatest blessings.

  7. CeCe Benningfield says

    I have stage 4 met. breast cancer so I am lucky (blessed) to still be walking around and breathing. I have 5 kids and a wonderful husband. Waiting on a response from a literary agent….lots to be thankful for!

  8. Patsye says

    Of course, I treasure my family and friends, and feel very lucky to have them in my life, but I also feel lucky to have been a teacher and to have interacted with so many wonderful and amazing students over the years!

  9. Marilyn Turnbull says

    I am blessed (or lucky) to have a loving family – including grandchildren! Love seeing them and watching them grow up.

  10. Nat says

    I’m lucky enough to have a loving family & be able to stay home and raise them! (although I really call it being blessed instead of lucky :) )

  11. Sharon Timmer says

    I am so lucky (blessed) to have my Daughter & son (biological brother & sister) – God gave us the privilege to bring them together in our home & to adopt them & to love them & now my Daughter has given us 3 beautiful Granddaughters to love :)

    • says

      My friend’s real life adoption story became the basis for Aloha Rose. Researching this book enabled me to meet and interview so many lovely families on both sides of the adoption table. :)

  12. says

    What a great post, Lisa, and a terrific giveaway, too! I feel lucky (blessed) in many ways, most recently by being invited to join y’all here on the SBV porch! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

  13. says

    Jesus, of course! But also my family, friends and pets. And books. I’m lucky to have lots and lots and lots of books (although one can NEVER have too many).

  14. Brenda says

    I am “Lucky” or blessed to have been raised in a Christian family, full of Love. We all help each other without thinking about it first, have fun spending time together, being silly and laughing at everything. We live with our daughter and her husband, at this time, and they make everyday fun as well! So Lucky!

  15. says

    I’m lucky to have my daughter and my husband in my life. No matter what storm’s going on in the rest of the world, they remain my shelter…or my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! 😀

    • says

      Like you, my family is my greatest blessing. And the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a powerful metaphor for my main character in Aloha Rose. Hawaii—sigh—the land of a thousand rainbows. Don’t know where you’re living, but I could use a break from winter. :)

  16. Beverly says

    I am blessed with a wonderful family. BUT I am also blessed to know most of the authors who are featured in this St. Patrick’s Day give away. I have read some of your books and would love to have more to read.

  17. Beverly says

    I am blessed to know many of these authors and have read several of their books. My greatest blessing is the family God has given me. My wonderful husband and I will be married 50 years on August 7 of this year.

  18. Judy B says

    I feel lucky (but really I feel Blessed) for my life. I have battled breast cancer, I’ve also had brain surgery for a brain cyst, plus a whole host of other surgeries in my lifetime. I am just thrilled to still be among the living!!

    I also feel lucky to have such a wonderful husband and children.

    Blessed that God chose me to be one of His!

    Judy B

  19. Annette B. says

    What an interesting question as I was just having this conversation with my dad the other day. I am grateful for my family, and I am SO lucky that I have the life that I have where I am able to enjoy them the way I do. I have the ability to be at all my daughter’s sporting events, and I’m able to visit/spend the day with my college-age daughter whenever she “needs” me. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…I could go on all day. 😉 I am truly blessed in so many ways!

  20. says

    Thanks so much for having me here today, Lisa! I love how many people mentioned that they’re lucky/blessed to have their family. That’s definitely one of my greatest blessings as well. Loooove my family. :)

  21. says

    I’m thankful for being Blessed with a Wonderful Husband who is also my best Friend. Most of all, I’m thankful that God touched him last year and cured him of prostate Cancer. Thank you, Dear God.

  22. Joelle S. says

    I am lucky/blessed to have a wonderful family who lets me live with them well beyond college!


  23. Jana Miller says

    I am lucky and blessed beyond words with a loving family, my health, retirement and time to enjoy my favorite pastime….reading!

  24. Amy Lorenzen says

    I feel “Lucky” today because of the words of love, encouragement and hope that I read through God’s word. Everyday His words guide me and give me hope to get through whatever trials come my way.

  25. says

    Thanks so much, Lisa, for hosting me and the other writer gals today for St. Pat’s Day. I’m so blessed to have my family, Christ, my church, and all my friends. Especially you writer types. :)

  26. Sharon says

    I’m blessed at my age to have a sister. We love spending time together and doing crafts and reading and discussing books. Not to make light of the blessings of my children, grandchildren, my faith, and friends, but I count my sister as a special blessing.

  27. says

    I am so thankful to have my daughter, Melissa. She is my middle child. When she was 14 she was in a diving accident and sustained a brain stem injury. In spite of a coma and three months in a hospital and rehabilitation hospital, she survived and went on to finish high school and college. She has mobility problem, but she is a wonderful young woman and a great wife and daughter. She will never be a mother, but God has found other uses for her talents. Right now, she is going through a period of pain associated with her head injury, but she is facing this set back with the same grace and determination she had when she was just a teen facing a new struggle. She is amazing, and she teaches me something new every day. I am one blessed Mom.

    • says

      What a beautiful story, Rhonda. Your daughter sounds like a special young woman and special young women often reflect the beautiful women who have raised them.

  28. Jamie says

    I’m lucky to have my good friends who were there for me these last few weeks during a very hard time for me.

  29. Arlene says

    I feel “lucky” to have a family and a home and some land around me. Although I live in a basement while we’re building our house, I know so many people have so much less than I do. We’re snug and happy with what we have.

  30. Melanie Backus says

    I feel so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life…….my family and my friends!!!!! I am truly blessed.

  31. Beth says

    I’m “lucky” or I would say blessed to have my loving husband and sweet family close by. Thanks for the chance to win!


  32. Renee says

    I am so lucky to have my husband, Ron, in my life! Wow, 28 years of wedded bliss and 5 wonderful children – I thank God for leading us together!

  33. says

    I am very lucky for so many reasons. First is because God is in my life. Second is my husband. God blessed me the day I met Jerry. There were so many things against us working out. Mostly his ex-wife and the fact Jerry had custody of his children. But remember love conquers all. We were married March 17, 1986. We have been through so much but most recently is my back pain problems. Jerry is so kind and is great to help me with all things. There isn’t one thing he won’t do to help me. Third is I get to escape from the pain by reading great books. There is so many more things that I blessed with but I’ll save that for an other day.

  34. Bonnie says

    I am blessed and “lucky” to marry almost 30 years ago to my husband, Greg. Also feel blessed and “lucky” to have three children that are now in their twenties. Our oldest just got married February 22 of this year to a wonderful guy!

  35. Joy says

    I am blessed (lucky) to have had Godly parents who had 7boys and 7 girls, giving me awesome siblings, a wonderful husband of 44 years in May, 2 sons, 8 grandchildren, and 1 great grand.

  36. says

    One month ago today was my mother’s last full day on this earth. I am so lucky to have had her as my mother, and so lucky that she got a chance to meet my long-prayed for, long awaited boyfriend before she passed.

  37. ELIZA ELLIOT says

    I feel lucky to have my parents and in -laws in my life – everyone gets along great so it’s nice to have big family picnics with both sides of the family.

  38. Beth says

    Very thankful for my husband, daughter, and son! My son’s name is Patrick after the missionary to the Irish people. Without him sharing the Gospel in Ireland, my ancestors wouldn’t know about the saving grace of Jesus!

  39. rebekah says

    I am “lucky”, blessed to heave my salvation and a relationship with My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without him and my salvation nothing else in my life matters.

  40. Sharon elliott says

    Can’t call it luck, but I’m so thankful for Gods saving grace in my life, and for the wonderful family he has given me! Truly blessed!

  41. Linda Dietz says

    I am blessed to have my own “St Patrick in residence.” Today is my husband’s birthday and yes, his mother named him Patrick. He is a saint in the truest sense of the Word…just as we all are who are Christ followers! He’s also a “saint” for sticking with me through almost 45 yrs of marriage!

  42. Teresa S Mathews says

    What a wonderful post this is, I’m so glad I saw the link to it on Bethany House’s post on FB. I am forever thankful to have a Savior that loves me, a wonderful hubby (who is only half-Irish, the other half being Scottish. lol) two wonderful sons and my (part Irish) mom that is 87 years old! Thanks for making my day with this fun post!

  43. Sarah Jo Jackson says

    I’m “lucky”–and most blessed–to have my husband of 47 years, and my lovely daughter in my life! I also have a church I love!

  44. Janette Foreman says

    I feel “lucky” to have Jesus’ grace and the love/support of my husband and extended family. . . . although, I don’t really think of it as “luck”. Rather, as “blessed”. :) Would love to win! Email addy: jy.foreman (at) Hotmail (dot) com.

  45. Kathy Jacob says

    So “lucky” . . . blessed to have a husband who appreciates my Irishness. And I appreciate his Jewishness.

  46. Cyndi Wilson says

    I, too, am blessed with my family… hubs of 31 years, 2 ‘grown’ children and now a daughter- and son-in-love. And I feel so fortunate to find authors such as yourselves to encourage, inspire, and enlighten me!

  47. says

    I am very lucky to have an absolutely wonderful, understanding, praying husband for the past 32 years. As well as the most special four children, ten precious grandchildren and on most sweet little great grandson. I could go on and on about the greatest people that God has placed within my life over the past 53 years. Would not be who I am, (which I am nothing within out the Lord).

  48. Chris says

    I feel lucky/blessed to have salvation in Christ and am forgiven and set free. For years I rode the fence (which wasn’t really fence riding-it was letting satan have his way with me) and gave God lip service . . . wanted forgiveness but not His Lordship in my life. This last year God has really shown me surrender is the only option . . . I now surrender each day to His Lordship, still sin but ask for forgiveness, going His Way not mine more times a day then my way. It has changed everything. Such a blessing. So thankful for my guy of 27 years and my adult children too!

  49. says

    I am beyond lucky to have my mother in my life. I know a lot of people say this, but my mom wasn’t supposed to live until I was 15 and now I am almost 26 with her still in my life. She needs a third transplant (a kidney) and so each and every day I am blessed, lucky, and thankful to have her with us.

  50. Kelly B says

    I am lucky to have my two littles. I did not think that I could have kids and ended up with two right before I turned 40. I am also lucky to have fun a great group of friends through a local church. They are great support and feel blessed to have them in my life.

  51. librarypat says

    I am lucky to have my family. I have a wonderful, understanding husband who is also a great father. We have 3 children who have each grown to be their won person and are pursuing their dreams. We have been blessed with 2 grandchildren and are enjoying them grow and enjoy life.

  52. Virginia Rush says

    I feel looky on so many things, family, friends….but today I’m choosing books….Love to read, literally from cover to cover…want to know who reviews the books, recommends them, I want to know about the authors….and I am totally hooked!!!! Happy St. Patricks day to ya!!!!

  53. Janka H. says

    I am blessed to have my family and my precious friends! As well as the gift of sight, unless I wouldn´t be able to read :)

  54. Lisa G says

    I’m lucky in so many ways! Among them, I am blessed to have the love of Christ and that of my family. I can’t imagine my life without either one of them.

  55. Patty says

    So lucky to have the family I do! Also I feel very lucky/blessed to have a new love in my life=) At 40 years old I wasn’t ever sure it was going to happen!

  56. Paula Osborne says

    I am lucky that my son is with us at a time when my husband is less active from hernia surgury and things need doing….yep my son is big help.

  57. Helen Clouse says

    I feel “lucky” to have my Bible. There I can find every answer to any problem or situation. Hope to be lucky enough someday to visit Ireland’s beautiful country.

  58. Kiersten Apedaile says

    I am lucky to have God’s grace and salvation and not having to worry about where I’ll spend eternity :). ♪♪The old account was settled long ago and the records clear today for He washed my sins away and the old account was settled long ago!♪♪

  59. Molly Porter says

    I’m “lucky” to have my husband (who had pneumonia and after recovery almost choked to death on a pill) and to still have my son-in-law and 12 yr old grandson who were in a fly-thru-the-air -then- rollover-in- a- truck accident but walked away unharmed! Blessed with a whole family and a safe peaceful country to live in.

  60. Cathy says

    I am lucky to have such a loving husband, 7 wonderful children, 11 awesome grandchildren, 14 beautiful rescued horses, 2 loving rescued dogs and a funny, snuggly cute, rescued kitty.

  61. Catherine Robb-Husen says

    I thank God for my children and grandchildren, and feel blessed to still be here to enjoy them!

  62. says

    I am lucky to still be alive along with my now 15 year old son Micah Stephen .We were in a awful car wreck in April 2011 .We were at a complete stop waiting for a car to turn 3- 4 car ahead of us we were behind a truck trimming truck a lady hit us from behind she was going about 45mph .She pushed us into the truck then we bounced off the truck and hit her again .My son was going forward so I throw out my right arm to stop him from going through the wind shield .Both the other car and mine were totaled .I have nerve damage ,3 bulging disc l3 l4 l5.and muscle sprain in my back and neck from the wreck ,I am now MMI maximum medical improvement I will never get any better no matter what the Dr,’s do. I am so thankful my son walk away with only a small mark on his neck from the set belt .
    Thank you so much for the offer .Blessings ,DanaGirl Wilkerson Spille

    • says

      Blessings, Dana. Sometimes we forget what a blessing it is just to be here with the ones we love on any ordinary day of the week. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s a good reminder.


  63. Jackie McNutt says

    I am Blessed by many things in my life. I have a loving God, a great family, health, my home and my dog. Also nature and books to read. I don’t need anything else these are my pot of Gold.

  64. Carol L says

    I am so Blessed that my 26 year old went into remission at 8 years old from Bone Cancer and has been healthy every day since. :) Thanks for the opportunity.
    Carol L

  65. Alison R says

    I am truly blessed of they Lord by my family – my husband of almost 28 years and our 2 children, as well as my parents, two brothers and their families and cousins I love dearly. I have excellent health and our two beautiful dogs add much laughter and enjoyment to each day. Thank you Lord for your love for me and everything you have given me.

  66. Lauri says

    I am blessed with my family and that I still have my parents. My brothers and their families. And salvation through God.

  67. Dianna Essington says

    I am thankful for the family we have. The opportunity to see them often.
    for my husband who is hard working and my best friend

  68. Gail Cason says

    I’ve never liked the word lucky but prefer blessed. Our children’s church has involved our entire church in a project where we list 5 blessings each Sunday till Easter with a goal of reaching 10000 reasons (like the song) that we are blessed. They have been charting the progress for a couple of months now. This has really made all of us stop and think beyond the normal quick answers. But I am most thankful for Jesus Christ and my salvation, then my wonderful family.

  69. Marilyn Johnson says

    I am blessed to have a wonderful Godly husband and three amazing boys.
    Lsnljohnson at aol dot com

    • says

      Sounds like I’ve found another mama with a house full of fellas. Aren’t those boy children wonderful? I wanted girls, but I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything!

  70. Lynn Maniak says

    I am blessed to have a caring, loving husband who became my caregiver during a very serious illness in 2013. I am also blessed to have (most of) my health back now.

  71. Katharine says

    I am more than lucky (blessed!) to have such a wonderful husband and son. I love knowing we can work through the bad times and rejoice in the good times.

  72. Laura VanNIce says

    It’s so hard to pick one blessing – God has been so good to me! But the first one that comes to mind is my husband. I think I’ve known since our wedding how lucky I was, but the extent of my blessing came into focus eight years ago as we sat waiting in a paradoxically cozy exam room.The doctor had gone to get more information about what my life was going to look like from now on and as I sat there and thought about the girl my husband had married fourteen years earlier – an athlete, full of energy and strength – and how different the future likely would turn out to be, I was hit by a wave of guilt. I told him I was sorry. “I know you didn’t sign up for this.” I can still see him in my mind as he tipped his head a little and stared seriously at me. “Hmm. For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Yup, it’s in there.” Then he smiled. He’s been my best friend, my staunchest supporter, the father of my children and the love of my life. I am beyond lucky to be living my life with such a man.

  73. Rebecca says

    Thank you so much for this post on St. Patty’s day. I am part Irish and would love to win these books from my favorite authors. I am lucky (blessed) that I have Jesus Christ as a savior. He has given me many blessings. I am blessed with a wonderful family and friends. I am blessed that God has given a good prognosis for my younger brother, Bill. He was diagnosed two years ago with MENS syndrome, a form of cancer. The doctors were able to remove all the cancer from his pancreas and was healed. Then this past year it came back again with spots on his liver. We were praying and the doctors said at first that it couldn’t be removed. Well after prayer, the doctors said it could be treated with a new liquid drug to keep it from growing and he would have a good prognosis again. I am so thankful for our God and prayer can really change things. My email is it I am a winner.

  74. says

    I don’t believe in luck, but I am so very blessed in many ways. I live in SoCal, in an area where it rarely rains and always has sun. A couple of months ago my daughter and I were driving on the freeway on a rare cloudy day when we saw a rainbow form overhead. The rainbow came closer and closer until the end of the rainbow rested on the front of our car. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I took that as the pot of gold – a blessing and reminder from God that He is watching over us. Doesn’t get better than that. :)

  75. Cathy McQueen says

    Lucky & blessed to have my family… Hubby of 36-plus years, two sons and their families which include nine grands!!

  76. Robin Miller says

    My family:) My husband, 2 kids and I moved to be near family last year, it is something a lot of people take for granted, being able to live near family!

  77. Mia Callahan says

    Blessed to look at by latest blood work and see that, after only one treatment of a new chemo drug, all the numbers were almost exactly where they should be….even the Dr. was excited. Blessed to feel my faith being strengthened and to celebrate with my very special family!!

  78. Amy Grochowski says

    So many things, but today I pick my pastor and church family. I am so blessed by them and truly fortunate to be a part of such a loving church.

  79. Susan Wilson says

    I feel lucky to have had a great upbringing. Hopefully, that makes me a better parent to my three boys!

  80. Janet R says

    I am SO lucky – actually blessed – to be able to spend my early retirement years on mission assignments with my husband. We’re in Australia for a few months, volunteering at a small college! We enjoy the cultures and sights in other countries, but the best part is meeting LOTS of wonder people!

  81. shelia hall says

    I feel lucky to have my sweet beautiful daughter Emily Brooke in my life as well as a host of great friends

  82. Rita Navarre says

    I am happy that I have such a loving husband…and blessed with two wonderful children,who have given us 5 beautiful grandchildren…

  83. Cindi Altman says

    Where do I begin? I am so lucky (blessed) to have a wonderful husband, my family, horses, dog and the property to enjoy them all.

  84. Connie R. says

    I feel blessed to have 4 wonderful grandchildren in my life! They energize me and bring me sunshine and laughter.

  85. Joyce Bulmer says

    I am lucky to have my children and my mother in my life! Don’t know what I would do without either!

  86. says

    I’m blessed to have my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ & my family (that includes my Beagle- Daisy May!), but also my love The Lord has put on my heart for Chinese orphans.

  87. Teresa Sheroke says

    After being married to the same man for almost 30 years , two beautiful grown kids and a beautiful grand daughter I feel beyond blessed. Love my family!

  88. Teresa Leacock says

    I am lucky & so thankfu for my savior, my family & good books! Love reading! Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Mary Hoffman says

    I am very “Lucky” & Blessed to be living in a country where I am free to do, think & be whatever I please! I feel so badly for those who don’t have “Freedom!” It’s just “Inhumane!”

  90. Bonnie Roof says

    My most wonderful blessing is my salvation through Christ – there are so many others: family, friends, music, retirement freedom, money to meet my needs, a place to live and transportation, and of course – inspiring Christian fiction books to read, and wonderful writer/author online friends!!

    Thanks for your wonderful blog, ladies!!

  91. Erma Larimore says

    First and foremost is my relationship with Jesus for the last 52 years, then comes my son and his lovely wife and last but not least my church family are always there for me. I love them all.

  92. says

    I am blessed to have my Jesus with me every day! For my husband, twin daughters, twin sister, another sister, brothers, and 2 cats. :) Also blessed like the ladies above who mentioned so many Christian authors and how you can travel to other places and times to kick back and enjoy your travels, adventures, biblical ways of bringing a message through a novel and getting to know different people and cultures. How rich we are!

  93. Eyedee says

    Am truly blessed (lucky) to have people that truly look out for me, stayed by me when I really hit low and felt I was not to be reckoned with BUT I had people who stood and helped lift me up, soothe the emotional wounds and put a smile on my face. God bless them cos He knows who they are.

  94. Alva Holland says

    Without a doubt, my family. My wonderful mother in Dublin who celebrates her 90th Birthday this year, my eldest sister who celebrates her 60th in July, giving us the opportunity to have a 150th Birthday Party in 2014, and the rest of my brothers and sisters and their kids (too numerous to mention – don’t you love large Irish families), not to mention my own amazing son, without whom I cannot imagine my life.

  95. says

    Thanks, Lisa, for inviting me to visit on the porch. I have loved reading alI these great comments and add an amen to the joys of grandchildren.
    I especially liked the part of the quiz about planting potatoes; my grandfather was a farmer, and I I he always planted his taters on Valentine’s Day. My oldest brother still does that.
    I’m praying for these porch friends struggling with health and other issues.
    Happy Day! Love Judy

  96. says

    I am so lucky to have been married to one of the best husbands ever for the past 44 years. He is everything I ever wanted in a life partner and is much loved by all who know him. He and our two children and their families are my life.

  97. Litany says

    I am lucky to have my grandmother still in my life especially this week. She was admitted to the hospital saturday but thank the Lord he is seeing fit that she still has work to do here on earth. So prayerfully she will be able to see me walk across the stage to get my M.S. Degree in Computer Science in in May.

    • Lisa Wingate says

      So glad your grandmother is recovering! My grandmother was such a treasure in my life. I learned so much from her!

  98. Andrea Williams says

    I may not feel so much “lucky” but certainly blessed to have our oldest son in our lives. He survived a rare cancer at ages 6 & 9 and will be turning 19 next week. He truly is a miracle and we thank God every day to be lucky enough to have him!

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Oh what a blessing! My mother heart has chills right now. I am so glad your son is still with you and celebrating 19!

  99. Lani says

    So many things I am blessed with! Husband, 4 beautiful daughters, and two of the most adorable grandsons ever!! And most especially, faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

  100. Linda Gerrald says

    So many things to be thankful for, it is hard to put down just one. I will say that I feel lucky to live in the South. I’m a Southern girl, born and bred and never want to live anywhere else.

  101. Chere W. says

    I am blessed with a loving family, a great husband, and good friends. I enjoy the books I read, and sharing them with family and friends.

  102. Shelley Kirkpatrick says

    SO blessed to have a relationship with God, the Giver of all good things. Thankful for my daughter and my husband, both of whom are miracles in my life.

  103. says

    I’m lucky …Loved…Unconditionally…Cared…for…Known…by…Yahweh.
    Lucky to be a Southern girl.
    Lucky to be able to read…didn’t start out that way.
    Lucky to have given a gift of story telling.
    Lucky to find good books and good fiends that make life better.
    Lucky to have a book published.

    • Lisa Wingate says

      Hey! What a lovely list of blessings, and may many be blessed by your writing and storytelling in turn.

  104. Linda McFarland says

    I feel blessed to have a loving family, a comfy home, a sweet puppy, and good health! Thanks for the opportunity to win & a reminder to count my blessings. Linda

  105. Lanie White says

    I am lucky to have my wonderful family…. My parents, husband, children, and 3 gorgeous grandsons….. Oh and my NEW son in law :) …… also included in that family is my newly found biological father and siblings… GOD is good :)

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