Big Brother is Hiding in Plain Sight

Last week, my Belle Friday counter part gave a delightful rendition of our recent slumber party/chat fest, remember?  Nicole suggested that she and I may have set a record for number of topics covered within a specific time period with categories that included but weren’t limited to rainbows, heartworms, holograms, chocolate, the theory of relativity, and how us creative types are often the missing link of our families. (Nicole and I are convinced we’re balancing on a fine line between our relatives who are just shy of center and other relatives who think they’ve identified those who are just shy of center.)

Nicole also alluded to an interesting element of our time together that I thought I’d expound a bit more on today. Get this, friends. The two of us may have been under surveillance the whole time!

Seriously. Nicole and I remain intrigued by what she found when she pulled up the Internet Options on her laptop. Note the last signal in the list of possible connections: There was Gary’s iphone, the Hampton’s Wi-Fi and– FBI Surveillance Van #2.


Boy, did we have fun scanning those around us for the possible spy.

Was it our waiter? Was it the elderly lady at the next table who kept frowning at me? Was I laughing too loud or was she profiling me? Was the young man engrossed in his laptop filming us or playing on Facebook?

In the end, Nicole and I decided our mysterious agent was probably an aging spy in need of a continuing education course like Incognito Online, or he could’ve been going with the “Hiding in Plain Sight” plan. Either way, we feel sure his fellow spies are laughing at him.

And yes, I do realize the sweet NSA could be listening so I’ll just address this last part to them. Fellows, I’m toying with changing the name of my Wi-Fi connection– you know, just for the fun of it. Would y’all mind too much if I went with FBI Surveillance Van…#3? Call me. We both know you have my number.

Hugs, Shellie

 Let’s lighten up a little to close out the week. 

If you were to change the name of your Wi-Fi connection to have a little fun at the expense of someone searching for a signal near you, what might it be? 

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Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is an author, speaker, and radio host known as The Belle of All Things Southern. Shellie likes to say, "The whole world stops for a story." She stacks hers up at All Things

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  1. says

    I know! I’m excited about having you on to talk about a Woman of Fortune! But hey– I know you are just too super creative not to play with my closing question. Do play. I can’t wait to hear what would come out of the heads of
    my novelist belle friends!

  2. Rachel Hauck says

    Too funny! I bet someone named their wifi that just to freak folks out. Would the FBI really let everyone one they are out and about? LOL? Who knows!

    Fun post, Shellie.


  3. Lisa Wingate says

    Shellie, this is beyond hilarious. I think you should change the name of your wireless network. Think of all the fun you could have =D

    The funniest one I ever had pop up on my phone was wireless network: GOD. We were in a hurry to get to a baseball game the Friday, so I didn’t screen shot it. On the way home, I intended to catch a screen shot. Right across the street was a dumpy little pool hall and I was picking up their wireless, too, so it was an odd juxtaposition. Sadly, on the way home, GOD was nowhere to be found. Apparently, he only keeps his wireless on during regular business hours… which of course must mean that wasn’t really God’s wireless, after all 😉

  4. Lani says

    Someone in my neighborhood has” FBI Stakeout Van #2″ -I should try to figure out who it is! Cracks me up every time I see it. We have a rental property near the University where my girls attend and they have lived there at times. They set up the Wi-fi and since we are descendants of Captain Blood they named the wi-fi “The Pirate Ship” As new tenants come in, they find it kind of funny.

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