Better Late Than Never


with my sweet niece, Sierra

Friends, I am ashamed to say I am writing this at my niece’s graduation. Don’t worry, the speaker has spoken and she has already walked. But I think this post is better late than never.

The speaker said three things that I will remember,  so I thought you might like them too. First, remember who created you and thank Him often. God knew your place and time in his story. Thank him daily or hourly or more.

Second, remember who shaped you and thank them often. Your parents, your teachers and family. People who sacrificed for you. Thank them. Remember them.

And third, remember who you were made to be. Compassionate,  joyful in the Lord, doing everything to the glory of God.

As I sit here among my family and strangers, I wonder how many of us need to hear this. Have we gotten off track? Forgotten who we are? Forgotten who to thank? Never fear. We serve an all-powerful, all knowing and loving God who says…better late than never.

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  1. says

    You are so beautiful, Nicole, and so is your niece. Thank you for this reminder to do everything for the glory of God! In the hustle and bustle, I needed that reminder…even while tackling the dishes! 😉

  2. says

    My Gram definitely shaped me…..gave me a love for books and an even greater love for God. She always called me her “precious pudding’ Gift of God.” I say that same thing often to my little three year old grandson and the other day he leaned over his tiny baby sister and said it to her…..a great legacy started by a woman I adored….my Gram.

  3. Teresa says

    Don’t all the students who worked hard to graduate deserve yoûr support and attention too?
    Even in our elementary school our principal expects parents etc to show support to all, not just their child.

  4. NanN says

    … “Thank you” are two amazingly simple words to speak … and genuine gratitude’s such an uncomplicated feeling to share, yet we DO need to be reminded to keep these words on the tip of our tongues … because, for whatever the reason, we just don’t say them enough.
    … Thank you for taking your time during a special celebration to share this reminder.

  5. says

    Well now, leave it to you to be able to compose such a great post on site. :) I enjoyed the reminders. Congrats to your beautiful niece. Looks run in the family!

  6. Lisa Wingate says

    Lovely thoughts, Denise, and very good reminders. Brought to mind the things I jotted down from my son’s graduation speech, too 😉


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