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Huge thanks to all who shared favorite vacation tales last Monday in our Beach Bums Outer Banks Book Giveaway!  Reading the comments was like taking dozens of mini-vacations. If you missed it, add to your vacation bucket list by clicking here. I think we’ve all added to our bucket lists.

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And the winner by random drawing is…1randomMichelle Delp, who said:

If you ask my children, the memory from vacations past that sticks with them is the “raccoon under the tent”. The boys were 13, 11, and 8, and the little sister was 3 at the time. We took a long anticipated trip to Canada where we spent our first several days in a tidy little cabin. We decided we’d like to spend “just one more night” and ended up breaking out the tent on the campground. Being “newbie campers”, a snack or two may have made it into the tent, because we were awakened in the wee hours of the night by a big blob moving under the tent floor. Being unprepared for raccoon invaders, the boys broke out their little sisters “roaring lion” flashlight (which did, indeed, ROAR) and scared it away.  😀

What a cute story!  Thank you, Michelle!!!

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  1. michelle delp says

    God indeed loves us so much that He cares about even the smallest disappointments in our lives. My daughter and I planned for months for what was to be a “girls week away” in July. The night before, while we were still packing, I came down with a sudden fever that ended in pneumonia. I admit to feeling very sorry for myself, although there are much bigger catastrophes that could happen in life. I feel like I’ve just been given the vacation I missed. I look forward to being a beach bum in my backyard, where my daughter will join me on the blanket to read our two favorite authors! Thank you again.

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