An Original Selfie

An original selfie. 1986

An original selfie. 1986

I like to say I invented the selfie.

A photography lover since Jr. High, I bought my first 35mm Canon when I was in my early 20s.

My dad purchased a tripod for me a Christmas or two later.

Since taking pictures of people was my specialty, why not take a picture of myself?

So I set up my camera on the tripod, picked a point and focused, then set the timer and ran into the shot before the final beep.


Only in the ’80s we called them self portraits.

Isn’t the world a better place with text and twitter abbreviations and hashtags?

The picture on the left was taken when I first moved to central Florida after graduating from college. My roommate was on the road — we both traveled for our company — and I was home alone with not many friend in my new city, so I broke out the ole camera and tripod and shot a few selfies.

Rachel Hauck, Once Upon A Prince, royal wedding series

iMac camera selfie. 2012.

Then I took the roll out and dropped it off to be developed, not sure how the pictures turned out. Or even if…

But the digital revolution has changed more than how fast we can communicate.

It’s changed how we capture moments. Or even erase them.

Take a bad picture, you can delete it.

There’s no reason we can’t capture the best moments of our lives.

Now we can take selfies with others. There’s no need to miss a birthday smile or fan moment.

Rachel Hauck, royals, Prince George, Once Upon A Prince

A sister selfie.

Last Friday night I was on stage at joint church worship and prayer meeting when the keyboard player, the great Eddie Tucker, took off on a new song.

I whipped out my camera right then and there and started filming.

I  only captured a minute of his song but what a blessing to have a little bit of that moment before the Lord preserved.

Some say the selfie is bad, just raising up a bunch of self centered, self focused, ego maniacs who like to take pictures of themselves.

I say boo to that. Selfies are about capturing the moment. Demonstrating confidence in how you look.

Come on ladies, how many times have you dressed up, fixed your hair, applied your make up just right and you’d love to capture it in a photo.

Grab that phone, girl, or digital camera, snap a selfie!

If it doesn’t turn out, you can always delete it. And try again!

Selfies are about confidence. About not being afraid to take an ugly picture.

About being proud of YOU and who God made you to be: beautiful.

Post a link to your own selfie in the comments.

I’ll pick one and post it the next time I’m up on SBV!


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  1. says

    My first camera was a Polaroid 110 with those flash cubes. I’d weed my mother’s garden, which was quite the feat because I was scared to death of snakes and often met up with them in the potato patch. With the money I earned, I’d buy my roll of film and pay to have it developed. I lot of my photos were of my horse!

    Now, I could simply push a button on this computer and take a photo and send out….NO WEEDING needed! Love technology! (but, you’re not going to see a selfie this morning, not with what I’m wearing this early in the day!)

    • says

      Haha Kellie, Don’t you have an older selfie to share? :)

      Yea, I took a lot of pictures of barns and trees and flowers. And of my siblings.

      If I’d had a horse, I’d have taken plenty of pictures of her.

      Have a great day, Kellie.


    • Julie Cantrell says

      Kellie, this reminds me of a childhood experience, when my best friend Heather picked up a waterhose in her family’s garden. Only…it wasn’t a waterhose…it was a black runner. We both took off screaming b/c it scared us so much…then we laughed at how silly we were b/c we both knew that kind of snake wouldn’t bite us. It was just the unexpected movement of that hose that sent us running :) Lessons learned.

      • says

        YIKES! I hate snakes. Even the thought creates a completely irrational fear. In high school, me and some girlfriends were float tubing Silver Creek and some of the football team wrapped a dead snake around the gas pedal of my car (no one locks their cars in Carey, Idaho). I got in with bare feet and nearly wet myself. The guys were hidden in the brush and loved my reaction.

  2. Julie Cantrell says

    Rachel, you’re a hoot. I have only taken one selfie in my life…and that was last month when I was decked out in ridiculous garb to do farm jobs in the bitter cold…and it was just too obscenely funny not to share. still, I felt a little silly holding the camera up to snap a picture of myself. I do love taking photographs though … of everyone and everything … just not me. if only I was more organized. I always worry all those great digital photo files are going to be lost. yikes!

  3. Lisa Wingate says

    “Then I took the roll out and dropped it off to be developed, not sure how the pictures turned out. Or even if…”

    =D Oh, I do remember those days. Digital photography has certainly changed the world, both in good and bad ways, I think. It’s wonderful that we can preserve so many moments that we might have allowed to pass unphotographed. On the flip side, sometimes we need to realize that what seems like a good idea in the moment, maybe isn’t. I’ve seen some real teenage heartache come from sharing selfies that should have never been.

    It’s a good lesson, all-in-all. Snap, preserve, think. Have fun. Love your 80’s selfie, Rachel. Beautiful!

    • Rachel Hauck says

      Yea, Lisa, you’re so right, selfies can be dangerous. A friend of mine is a crime analyst and has found criminals because they took a selfie and posted it on FB with the LOOT in the background. LOL


  4. says

    Rachel, oh great inventor of Selfies– that’s an awesome shot of you! Who knew you had photog skills in addition to your wordsmith magic? :)

    As for selfies, I confess, I don’t take them! That said, my phone is somewhere in the back charging or I would try and take one just for you! Love you, girl~

  5. says

    Rachel, I teach my students to do self-portraits all the time. Usually, we begin with them early in the year to get them head on and uncomfortable all at once. One you can draw/paint yourself you can do just about anything. Alas, taking a selfie with my phone always feels a bit weird. I don’t like smiling at myself. In self-portraits, we never smile, but on a camera, we do.

    Have you ever noticed some people always take their selfies from the same odd angle because they think they look best that way?

  6. Rachel Hauck says

    Nicole, so awesome, you’re teaching them confidence.

    And I do think I have a good side! I do!! I always take the same side. My right, I think!


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