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Rachel Hauck, Princess Ever AfterSorry for the late post today. It’s the 5th Thursday and I didn’t realize… It’s my turn to post again.

So, it’s an afternoon on the porch, not a morning. :)

I always have a lot of things on my mind. Not so much to worry about but as I talk to people, observe society, listen to the news, thoughts and ideas form.

Last night in a church leadership meeting, we engaged in a discussion about how to balance being a people of the Word while being a people who encounter the power of God.

We don’t, my pastor said, want to squash the manifestation of God’s power while adhering to the Word. But we don’t want to leave the Word in vain search of “manifestations.”

Can you tell I’m in a charismatic church? :)

I love the Word of God. I do. I read it, pray it, sing it. Stand firm on it. I completely believe it is the force of truth that transforms lives.

But there are many “people of the Word” who’ve never encountered God.

How many pastors do we know who have burned out? Failed to live the life they preached about Sunday after Sunday.

How many students at a theological seminary doubt God’s love for them?

How many of us?

The Word tells us God loves us. Shoot, His very essence IS love.

But at some point, we must, in our emotions, encounter that love. Paul writes that we should encounter His power.

God is actually the God of our mind, will and emotions. Body, soul and spirit!

Count Zinzendorf, 1700 – 1760, was a spiritual revolutionary of his day. “He strongly included the emotional life of the believer as well as the intellectual. He criticized the coldly intellectual approach common in his day, and built a great deal of practice around the transformation of the emotions. He referred to this as the “religion of the heart.” — From Wikipedia.

I love this… transformation of the emotions. Boy howdy, do we all know someone who could use that if not ourselves?

Always on my mind is how can I be more like Him? How can I look, talk, act like Him?

How can I go from what Paul called, “glory to glory?”

I’m convinced there’s MORE for us to gain in God in this life. Deliverance from sin, emotional and mental strongholds, anger, lust, anxiety, guilt… The list goes on.

I prayed this during morning prayer and meant it — I think the Holy Spirit put the words in my mouth — “Lord, do not let me live a dull, bored life before you!”

The Word, Worship and opening our hearts to encounter Him however, whenever He chooses is the first step toward fascination.

I want to be fascinated by Him.

Don’t you?


Rachel Hauck, Once Upon A Prince, royal wedding seriesBest-selling, award-winning author Rachel Hauck loves a great story.

She serves on the Executive Board for American Christian Fiction Writers and leads worship for their annual conference. She was named ACFW 2013 Mentor of the Year. She is also on staff at My Book Therapy as their book therapist.

Rachel lives in Florida, where she is also a worship leader, with her husband and mini schnauzer.

Her novel, The Wedding Dress, was named Romantic Times Inspirational Novel of the Year and is an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

Her novel, Once Upon A Prince, earned starred reviews from Booklist and Publisher’s Weekly, and hit #1 on Amazon in Christian romance. It was recently nominated for a Christy Award!

Her latest releases, Princess Ever After and A March Bride released in February. Buying options on web site:



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    Our ladies bible study group just finished up Margaret Feinstein’s THE WONDER OF GOD…..highly recommended girls if you want to begin to notice God’s hand in the big and small things of life. A good way to become fascinated with Him. I think the publisher is Lifeway.

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    Love that you have these conversations, Rachel. I agree. And changing our perspective to seeing the big picture and not just the mundane is our challenge to constantly being awed.

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