A Little Touch o’ Somethin’

IMG_4544I don’t know what to say. No, that’s a lie. I know lots of things to say, it’s just narrowing it down to one thing at a time that’s the issue. You see…

I’M A WRITER. I was born to do this (among other things). There. I said it.

If you are a writer then:

  1. You are sure you have too many thoughts in your head at one time. It may not be safe or legal.
  2. You remain on friendly terms with the voices, ahem, characters that show up in your head.
  3. You can connect the dots in stories or concepts that might be 100 years or 1000 miles apart. You see unique connections in life that others don’t.
  4. You’re a pretty good amateur psychologist/counselor because you can easily put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You do it for a living.
  5. You are probably the missing link in your family between those crazy relatives and the really straight ones who always call the other ones crazy. You’re know somewhere in-between because you’re near-genius with the ability to work for months on end on multiple storylines and problems in your head, but you cannot keep up with your keys.
  6. You are an odd ball and often stick out like a sore thumb among your siblings. However, you are secretly collecting stories about each of them and may just write them if need-be.

Am I hearing any amens, writer sisters? I do love writer sisters…people who get me.

Southern Belles Shellie Rushing Tomlinson and Nicole Seitz talk it up over iced tea.

Southern Belles Shellie Rushing Tomlinson and Nicole Seitz talk it up over iced tea.

This week I had the immense privilege and pleasure to visit with a dear friend of mine, fellow Southern Belle, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson. We knew we had limited hours to talk and understood how precious they were! As such, we knew we had way too much to talk about. So we each made lists. Here are a few of the items we discussed (not in any particular order)– just some normal topics normal people might chat about over dinner.

  1. The resurrection of my dog.
  2. The Michael Jackson hologram and the book of Revelation.
  3. That church of Beyoncé (there is one and only one true God who is worthy to be worshipped, and it is not Beyoncé).
  4. Our books we’re trying to publish.
  5. Our agents who are trying to sell our books.
  6. And again our books we are trying to publish.
  7. Some wild ideas for future books we might publish and the agents again, who might try to sell them.
  8. Where the room key is.
  9. Whether or not the man next to us is with the FBI.
  10. The prophet Elijah and rain.
  11. Einstein’s theory of relativity to include velocity, time and space.
  12. The sound of rushing water.
  13. The smell of rosemary in our hands.
  14. The feel of grass beneath our feet and the breeze across our skin.
  15. Chocolate and coffee, and more coffee.
  16. Our wonderful husbands, children, and families.
  17. God and Jesus (though this topic intertwined them all).

And no, we never ran out of things to say, but our time had to come to an end. One conclusion we both agreed on is that we each have “a little touch o’ somethin'” that was probably passed down through our family tree. It’s that thing that makes some relatives crazy but makes my writer friends so much fun. For me (I know I could speak for Shellie here, but I will keep to speaking for myself), I thank God I have this little “somethin'” because it makes life so much fun, conversations completely fascinating, long drives bearable, and keeps me interested in difficult puzzle-solving and novel-writing for hours, months, and years on end. My “little touch o’ somethin'” passed down to me from ancestors (probably from my father’s side, but come to think of it, mama’s interesting too)  is a somethin’ I sure am glad I have. When it’s used properly by being placed in Jesus’ hands, something special happens that I cannot explain though I try through my writing.

Like that evening I had with Shellie, I feel like in my life I have so much to say and much too little time to say it. It’s why writing and publishing have become so sweet to me. It’s why I feel impatient sometimes when I can’t get out the book I want to share with people fast enough. I have something to say and then more after that.

What about you? Do you have a little touch o’ somethin’ that makes you that missing link between those crazy relatives and the really straight ones who just call the other ones crazy?

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Nicole Seitz is the author of 6 novels and teaches art at a local school near Charleston, SC. Visit her website at www.nicoleseitz.com.

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  1. says

    I adore the Southern Belleview Bookclub! I don’t think I have that little touch ‘o something but I love the people who do! You all fascinate me and I see things thru your eyes! The sisterhood between you, the way that you encourage each other has not gone unnoticed. Wishful thinking on my part that I could be a little part of your group. No, not a writer, an encourager, a follower.

  2. Julie Cantrell says

    Shellie and Nicole…I love, love, love this! As much as I love y’all. Only ONE tiny little problem. I wasn’t there to enjoy the fun. Thanks for sharing it with us all and letting us smile along with you both. I know I’m not the only one is who thankful God blessed you both with a little touch of somethin’. Hugs, j

  3. says

    Okay, you ladies are just too adorable for words! I love your lists and your description of that little touch o’ something. I do think I am afflicted, too. My husband would sure agree! 😉 Have a great weekend!

  4. Lisa Wingate says

    “You are probably the missing link in your family between those crazy relatives and the really straight ones who always call the other ones crazy.”

    Hahahaha! I know this person… wait, I am this person! I definitely have that little touch of something and it’s always been there. My head has always worked in wild, crazy, unpredictable stories!

    What a sweet pic of you and Shellie, too! I”m so glad you two had time for a real visit on the porch. I even see the sweet tea in the picture. Pretty much perfect.

  5. says

    Oh. My. Gosh. YOU CAPTURED US and our touch of something with your words. From this afflicted thin place friend of yours, THANK YOU! I love you!

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