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Gluten Free Lemon Blueberry Muffins

I wanted to put this little secret in the title of the post but I knew it would make it too long so I will go ahead and tell you now- Greek Yogurt. The secret to these muffins is in the Greek yogurt. It turns the regular classic muffin into the most tantalizing and refreshing bite of goodness- making it moist with a hint of tang. Did I mention these are gluten free. Now get your pins ready because this recipe is one you are […]

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The Mentor Who Shaped Me

Did you see the online article a couple of days ago? Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, and Jessica Alba, an actress who built a billion-dollar company, shared their thoughts on mentorship and its importance. Within the article were several quotes that truly sang, especially the one from Branson. But, of course, the idea of mentorship made me think, both of those I’ve mentored (some successfully and some with less-than-happy results) and those who have mentored me. Now, I can easily look back at […]

A New Orleans woman is rescued after Katrina. (Aug. 29, 2005 - Source: Mario Tama/Getty Images North America)

What Hurricane Katrina Taught Me

In recent days, the media has focused on the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. As a resident of Mississippi and a child of Louisiana, this storm impacted my loved ones and our communities on many levels. Maybe that’s why I explored a pre-vs post-Katrina Louisiana in my upcoming novel, The Feathered Bone. In researching this story, I revisited the storm. I read countless articles, blogs, books, and reports from professional journalists and on-site survivors. I viewed nearly every YouTube video I could find, some from official […]


Parenting Advice From Francine Rivers

I’d envisioned looking put together and professional when I met Francine Rivers for the first time. Instead, I spent the extra hour — I’d allocated for my directionally-challenged self — trying to navigate my way toward David Lipscomb High School in Nashville, and therefore had to sprint (in heels) across the grass toward the double doors of the gymnasium and stride down the covered basketball court toward the seat Karen Watson, my editor at Tyndale, and Francine Rivers were graciously reserving for me. Besides an […]


Welcome To The Sea Keeper’s Daughters

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s a book birthday around Southern BelleView!  I’m happy to share that my twenty-fifth novel, The Sea Keeper’s Daughters, will be officially hitting shelves next week! I’m thrilled to share that The Sea Keeper’s Daughters is a Southern Independent Bookseller’s Alliance fall OKRA pick.  And an RT Booklovers Magazine Top Pick! I never know where my stories will come from, but an interesting thing happened when The Story Keeper hit the bookstores last year. Because the novel is about the discovery of […]

A Proverbs President

A Proverbs President

With the Presidential primaries coming up and all the news and debates surrounding our candidates, both Republican and Democrat, I’ve found that the polls are showing some interesting stuff. They make me pause and wonder, on what criteria do Americans base their decisions when seeking to place a human being in the most powerful position of our country, and dare I say, world? Well, enough with trying to decipher the decisions of others. I decided to figure out how I would make that choice. First, […]

Rachel Hauck

Summer Memories At Grandma’s House

Every summer evening around seven o’clock, when the sun sprays orange and red tones across the sky, I get a hankering. To go out for ice cream. To go for a drive. Head to the countryside. Maybe drive over to the airport and watch the planes take off and land. (Didn’t we do that in the ’70s?!) Because these were the things I did as a kid at with my grandparents. Grandpa would get home from work around five thirty. He’d wash up and we’d eat […]

Collier County Key Lime Pie features a Nilla Wafer crust

Late Summer Fun on the Porch: Collier County Key Lime Pie!

When I was a newspaper reporter, I knew a novice food writer who got the assignment of her dreams from a big magazine: She was to travel throughout the South in search of the best Key Lime Pie. It seems the distinctive flavorings of Key Lime Pie have inspired epic struggles about the “right” ingredients, and the food writer was thrilled to have an opportunity to investigate first-hand. It didn’t work out quite as she expected. Sure, she found some great recipes. But she returned […]

olympic image

It’s Just A Game. Right?

“Gentlemen, start your engines.  AND -they’re off.” Exciting words announced as the Nascar motor speedway begins another weekend of fierce engine competition. This and every other sport is fueled by competitive energy burned by the athlete and vicariously by the fan masses. It’s fiery and real competition. Unlike the undertaking of parenting or grandparenting – right? I mean, isn’t it a relief in this one area of life there is NO competition? Really?! Could this sound a little bit like competition? “Where did you get […]

Niggly, Writerly Details

As wonderful as the day was when I signed my first book contract, I knew there would be plenty of challenges ahead. Meeting deadlines, marketing, bad reviews, uncertainty about future success . . . What I didn’t realize was how challenging certain niggly details would be. Like, say, writing about a golden-haired character. Now, is she a blond or a blonde? Does he have blond or blonde hair? Okay, let’s get this right once and for all. Oh, but wait. If you do an on-line […]


My Forever Prayer by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Hey y’all! In need of some grace here. I let my post date sneak up on me. On the road now, traveling in from Houston where my daughter and I tried to squeeze in a last blast of summer fun with her littles, those darlings I call “The Grand Boys of Texas.” There’s been a lot of laughing and a lot of loving but very little writing time. I promise y’all fresh words the next time my post date comes around. Tomboy honor! Today, in […]