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Homestyle Mac N Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese- it is a classic iconic family meal that leaves you feeling good. Because this dish is so simple to make I like to splurge on it when I can and use only the best cheeses and lots of it. My homestyle mac and cheese is loaded with flavor thanks to four cheeses along with coarse ground mustard and cracked black pepper. Now I realize there are “certain dishes” that have been designated for white pepper use over black. Mac and cheese has […]

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Where Ugly Goes to Die

There’s this song, Empty Me by Chris Sligh.  The lyrics strip me down every time I play it… “I’ve had just enough of the spotlight when it burns bright to see how it gets in the blood and I’ve tasted my share of the sweet life and the wild ride and found a little is not quite enough. I know how I can stray and how fast my heart could change.” I think you get those lyrics, too. You may not have occupied a platform […]


The Greatest Generation

I loved Julie’s post from yesterday, talking about American Sniper. Whether you liked the film or not, we have to step back and regard war as a rather nasty business. I mean, you can’t apply PC attitudes and ideology to war. Because war involves death. Pain. Hurt. Resistance to the one who wants to unilaterally impose their vision on the rest of the world. America avoided the European wars of One and Two until we were forced in. When Japan bombed Pearl, hundreds of thousands […]


American Sniper: Hero or Coward?

Last night, our family went to see the film American Sniper. It was one of the most intense pieces of work I’ve ever viewed, and it opens up a lot of room for discussion. So… let’s pull up some chairs, gather on the porch, and chat about it. I’d love to hear your thoughts. First of all, Clint Eastwood has proven once again that he is the premier film director of our time. If I could choose one director to work with, it would be […]


Listening For The Lullaby

The first time I heard the lullaby, I was getting ice from the dispenser in the nurse’s lounge. I stared up at the white, drop-down ceiling, wondering if two days of sleep-deprivation was messing with my head. The next time I heard it—outside my husband’s hospital room—my sister-in-law explained that the hospital played the lullaby to herald a baby’s arrival. Soon, the lullaby’s familiar melody became an unwavering symbol of hope in a world fraught with uncertainty. In between the neurosurgeon inspecting my husband’s sutures […]


Is There a Book Inside You?

Happy Monday, everyone!  Did you think you’d landed in the wrong place this morning? Welcome to the NEW Southern BelleView! Our little cyber porch has been given a freshly updated look, thanks to our fab web designer, otherwise known as Kitchen Bellicious (You can learn more about Jessica’s design services by clicking here). Since it’s a new year on a new porch, I thought it might be the perfect time to talk about beginnings… story beginnings, to be specific. Everywhere I go, I come across […]


What the World Needs Now… is Love and Respect

My husband and I are in our thirteenth year of marriage. With two kids, jobs, finances, schedules, and household, issues can accumulate. In an effort to learn to communicate better, we’re reading a book called Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. It’s an interesting premise: basically, Biblically, men are wired with a deep need to feel respected, and women are wired with a need to feel loved. It’s based on Ephesians 5:33: However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and […]


Looking Back …

A few years ago, just after my mother’s death, I received a newsletter sent to all family members who directly descend from a Revolutionary War hero, Bridger Jones. (Not to be confused with the British chick who wrote the diary.) I had no idea I was a descendent, but apparently the editor did because he sent the newsletter, which included Mother’s obit with her lineage traced to said Bridger Jones. A tiny sticky note attached to it read: This is what you’ll need if you […]


Finding Your Place in the World

When I was twelve my family moved from a rural area outside of Columbia, South Carolina to Scarsdale, New York, the famed suburb of New York City. Overnight, I went from being a confident Carolina tomboy with plenty of friends to “the new kid” sitting alone, day after day, in the lunchroom. I was a freak. Suddenly, my clothes seemed ghastly, and my accent sounded odd even to my own ears. Everyone, I suppose, has had the experience of being an outsider looking in. School […]


Shellie introduces our new Belle Tuesday, Dr. Joneal Kirby!

Heart to Home Ministries is designed to develop closer relationships across generations among the women in the church and to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. Dr. Joneal Kirby is the founding director, a passionate woman known as The Heart Mom. Spend five minutes with this amazing woman and you’ll agree the title fits her like a glove.Doctor Joneal Kirby is as genuine and authentic as anyone I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting, and she is my dear friend. It’s my distinct honor to […]

Dad apple butter

Welcome To a New Belle Monday!

Happy Monday, Everyone! If you’re a regular on the porch, you know that we’re celebrating the start of 2015 with two new Belles. I’ll leave our incoming Tuesday Belle as a surprise for tomorrow, but today I have the pleasure of introducing you to our newest Belle Monday! I became acquainted with this mountain girl when I stumbled upon her lovely book: Later, I discovered that Sarah is just as delightful in person. Alternate Mondays couldn’t be in better hands, and I know you’re going […]